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Home security requires a multi-pronged approach to best keep intruders out and inspire feelings of safety for residents…

Home security cameras are great at deterring crimes and capturing evidence, providing peace-of-mind… 

The feeling of safety that comes from a secure home is priceless, but getting started…

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Home Security

Home Security- We review home security systems that you can control remotely through mobile applications.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras- See exactly what’s going on in your home from anywhere in the world through WiFi-enabled, HD cameras.

Best VPNs

If you’re on a public Wi-Fi network, it’s safest to use a VPN to encrypt your web traffic and protect yourself from hackers.

Key Trackers

Key Trackers- change to Bluetooth Trackers. Never lose an item again by pairing it with a Bluetooth tracker, which you can monitor from your phone.

Choosing Secure Passwords

Password Managers

Password Managers- Not only do password managers remember your passwords for you, but they also increase account security with two and multi-factor authentication.

Video Doorbell

Whether you’re just upstairs or across the ocean, as soon as someone’s at your door, you’ll be alerted by your Video Doorbell.

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Who We Are

Security Baron’s mission is simple: we want to help you stay safe, whether that means buying a new security system for your home or installing new software to keep hackers from your connected devices. Security Baron covers security systems, smart home platforms, and connected devices in terms of both product reviews and news.

Focusing on both cybersecurity and home security, Security Baron takes in-depth looks at specific products and security systems to help consumers make their buying decisions. We personally test out every single product we review and judge it on both objective standards and our personal experiences. Not only do we review individual products, but we also compare products on factors like video quality, audio quality, and even artificial intelligence. You’ll see sections on the best security systems, best cameras, and other “internet of things” devices. 

At Security Baron, we want to educate consumers as much as possible- that’s why we’re so passionate about providing detailed, accurate information about home security systems and more.

The Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Gabe Turner
Director of Content 

Gabe Turner is an attorney/ journalist with a passion for technology. After graduating from NYU Law and working as an attorney for years, he decided to make the switch into technology as Director of Content for Security Baron. He is passionate about safety, technology, and the combination of the two.

Aliza Vigderman
Staff Writer 

Aliza is a journalist with years of experience in the tech industry. In the past, she has written for websites like the Huffington Post, SquareFoot, and Previously, she has worked as a research assistant at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. She’s excited to combine her research and journalism skills with her love of all things tech.

Corey Birnstengel
Editor and Videographer

Originally from a suburb of St. Paul, Corey has been a videographer and editor for three years. Previously, he’s done product reviews for activewear and political videos- in his spare time he even edits a political podcast. When he’s not filming and editing videos for Security Baron, Corey loves to run and spend time with his friends and family.

Our Review Process

Security Baron covers security systems, smart home platforms, and connected devices
in terms of both product reviews and news.


We read everything we can from the product’s manufacturer as well as online customer reviews.


We test all of our products for quality and convenience.


We review the products drawing from both our experiences and customer feedback.

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