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Urban Fishing And Staying Secure

Lots of fishermen don’t have the luxury of living in the wilderness. Many of them, in fact, live smack in the middle of big cities, where the siren song of nature is a


Security Tips For Fishing Trips

Fishermen like to think that there’s nothing more wholesome than fishing. The lap of the water, the tug on the line, the glint of scales in the sunlight. They find a separate peace


Are Neighborhood Watch Apps Worth Using?

So you want a high-tech, new solution to neighborhood safety. A few apps offer just that.   Nextdoor’s the old kid on the block, having launched in the US in October 2011. It’s free,


Security Tips For Your Neighborhood

Everyone wants a safe neighborhood. That’s why there are sites like FamilyWatchdog, which lets you monitor the location of registered sex offenders, and CrimeReports, a roundup of local crime stats that can keep


Security Tips For Wedding And Engagement Rings

Maybe you’re planning your wedding day. Or maybe you’re looking back on it with fondness. Remember the vows, the cake, the funny thing aunt so-and-so said? But whether you were married in a


Fireworks Injuries: On The Rise

On July 3, 1776, founding father and co-author of the Declaration of Independence John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail on the adoption of the document: “It ought to be solemnized with Pomp


Tips For Fireworks Safety

Everyone knows a story. They had a friend, who had a friend, who, when he was a kid, blew part of his hand off. Or his foot. Or set something on fire. There’s


Amusement Park Rides: Cause For Concern

A day at the amusement park is super fun. Whether you’re headed to one of the giant parks or some place smaller, you can guarantee yourself some fun carousel rides, some midway food,


Security Tips For The Amusement Park

You’re off to the amusement park for the day! Hopefully you did your research and picked a safe one — state fairs and roadside amusement parks may have little regulation and often have