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How To Increase Your Online Gaming Security

Though less often discussed than breaches of other high-profile platforms, cybersecurity looms as a large risk in the world of online gaming. Breaches can occur in a variety of ways: through infiltration of


Creating A Nightly Routine For Home Security

Home security requires a multi-pronged approach to best keep intruders out and inspire feelings of safety for residents. The different steps can be hard to track. Both long-term and short-term habits typically combine


Security Tips For Moving

The summer months bring graduations, work vacations, and lease-endings. For many, the increase in temperatures thus also invites the dreaded moving process. While it’s unlikely you’ll find moving straight-up fun — what’s not


Security Tips For Earthquake Proofing Your Home

As a California resident in the midst of moving into a new apartment, earthquake security has been at the forefront of my mind. I’d love to value design — like any other Pinterest-minded


Keep Your Location Hidden On These Common Sites And Apps

Verizon made security news last week with the announcement that the company will no longer sell user location information to third-party brokers. Major carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile soon released their own similar


The Latest Guidelines On Password Security

Passwords are a key first step to protecting any online account. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to know what the best password security practices are, especially when commonly-held wisdom on the topic has not


How To Increase Your Security

Medium has emerged as a popular content-hosting platform featuring journalism, essays, fiction and personal blogging. But as with any other internet account that connects to your sensitive details and gives easy access to


How To Improve Your Squarespace Security

Recent high-profile breaches have shown just how vulnerable our web presences can be. It’s likely you’ve already taken precautions to secure some of your most sensitive accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, and Venmo.