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Most Dangerous States For Women

Most Dangerous States for Women’s Sexual Safety

Alaska ranks as the worst state for women’s safety according to our index, which factors in reported rape, contact sexual violence, stalking, unwanted sexual contact, and intimate partner victimization. Among the top worst

Most Prolific Serial Killer Every State

The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Every State

Like this infographic? Consider sharing it with this link or embed on your own site with the embed code below! By Serial killers have been a source of fear and morbid fascination


Women’s Safety And Security Guide

Nearly every day you can see in news headlines that a woman has been the victim of some type of violence or abuse. In the United States, nearly 20 people per minute are

First Alert Professional

First Alert Professional Vs. Protection 1

First Alert Pro and Protection 1 both offer strong home security options with remarkably similar offerings. Both feature high quality Honeywell equipment, mobile management options with specific packages, professional installation for a fee

First Alert Professional

First Alert Professional Vs. Fortress

First Alert Professional and Fortress both offer viable options to meet your home security needs, though they will likely appeal to different consumers. First Alert Professional offers Honeywell equipment, professional installation, and Z-Wave


Cryptography And Coding Information

Imagine that you’ve just joined a new gaming platform that all of your friends have been on for weeks. After coming up with a fun and quirky user name, you are prompted to


The Importance of Computer Security

On a regular basis we hear news stories about computer information and data being compromised by outside forces. Criminals try to obtain personal financial information such as: name, address, social security number, date

First Alert Professional

First Alert Professional Vs. LiveWatch

First Alert Professional and LiveWatch both offer strong home security offerings. Both companies offer packages with well-regarded equipment and provide home automation options. First Alert Pro requires professional installation and uses Honeywell equipment,