2017 Holiday Gifts: Smart Home And Home Security

Working on your holiday shopping list? As the gift-giving season approaches, you may be wondering what to get your tech-obsessed loved ones. As you might expect, the past few months have seen the debut of a variety of new security and smart home products. We’ve looked at these new releases — and some products which are still upcoming — and compiled a list of potential ideal gifts for the home security or smart home buff in your family or social circle.


Amazon Echo Family

Amazon recently debuted three new Alexa-enabled smart products: a new Echo, the Echo Plus, and Echo Spot.

The 2nd-generation Echo has improved on the original with advancements in sound and design. At only $100, it’s an affordable option for your list.

The Echo Plus ($150) allows for easy integration of smart home products. It is compatible with Zigbee devices including lights and locks. It’s also being sold in packages with a Philips Hue smart lightbulb.

The Echo Spot ($130) is an Alexa-connected alarm clock that features a display screen and camera. It’s due for release on Dec. 19 — just in time for Christmas.

Google Home Mini And Google Home Max

There are additional virtual assistant options for Google aficionados.

Google Home Mini is, as you might have guessed, basically a mini version of Google Home. It runs under $50, making the pebble-like device an ideal choice for your wallet.

Google Home Max ($399) is set to be released this December — just in time for the holidays — but is currently available for pre-order. The device is an advanced high-quality speaker that lets users stream music via Wi-Fi.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This summer, Ring debuted its Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($199). The smart doorbell lets you interact with guests at your door via a mobile device or computer. (Ring also hopes to debut its Protect security system soon, but a recent lawsuit may push that release back.)

August Smart Lock Pro

August recently released a redesigned Smart Lock Pro, which can be bundled with August’s Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. The two products together make a great present: the Smart Lock Pro ($229 on its own, $249 with Connect) can indicate remotely whether or not a door is open, and the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge allows for remote mobile control of doors.

The company also recently debuted an updated Smart Lock ($149) and its own smart doorbell, the Doorbell Cam Pro ($199).

Elgato’s New HomeKit Products?

Elgato recently announced five new Apple HomeKit-compatible products. Among the lot are a few great gift options: try out Eve Lock, a smart door lock, Eve Window Guard, a sensor for changes in window status, and Eve Smoke, a smart smoke detector. But it’s still unclear if they’ll be ready for the holidays or not.

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