Amazon Key Now Offering In-Car Delivery

Amazon’s in-home delivery service, Amazon Key, has expanded to include in-vehicle delivery.


Amazon’s press release notes that users don’t necessarily have to be parked at home to receive packages in their vehicles — with Amazon Key In-Car, “Prime members with compatible vehicles now have the convenience of having packages delivered inside their cars when parked in a publicly accessible area, typically at their home or workplace.”

Users may opt to get packages delivered in their car while at home if they’re trying to keep a gift a secret, for instance. The ability to receive a package elsewhere opens up more possibilities — Key In-Car could make it easier to receive packages on vacation.

[Some reasons for concern? A security firm found an Amazon Key hack last year. Relay attacks also enable hackers to get into keyless cars — here are some tips to defend against those attacks.]

It’s important to note that at this point, relatively few vehicles are compatible with the program. Currently, Key In-Car “is available to customers with a compatible 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle with an active OnStar account, and customers with a 2015 or newer Volvo vehicle with an active Volvo On Call account.”

The service is now available in 37 metro areas in the U.S. Of course, Amazon plans on adding support for more cars and cities in the future.

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You can check your own car’s eligibility on the Amazon Key webpage. Customers need to connect their Amazon Key app to a “connected car service plan.” If everything is good to go, users should get a four-hour window for in-vehicle delivery. An Amazon delivery driver will place the package in your vehicle’s trunk — if it can’t fit, it will be placed in the cabin.

Privacy Concerns

It’s probably a bit less unnerving to allow delivery drivers to access your car instead of your home — the other main Amazon Key delivery option — but that depends on the user. It goes without saying that customers who have major reservations with Amazon Key’s in-home delivery will likely feel the same way about the in-car delivery option.

Amazon’s FAQ claims the service is secure: “We have implemented a number of measures to make in-car delivery secure, including confirming that the vehicle is securely locked before the driver can move away from the vehicle, and automatically activating a relock in the unlikely event a car remains unlocked beyond a brief period.” But time will tell.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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