Amazon’s Latest Echo Could Be Your Home Security Central Control

Amazon's Latest Echo Could Be Your Home Security Central Control

The Amazon Echo has become a great controller for your smart home, but its newest sibling may be the command center for you DIY smart home.

The Amazon Echo Show, which is expected to launch later this month, will be able to show off security camera footage on its built-in screen. While the company’s advertising so far has focused on making video calls and reading recipes with the screen, adding security features seems like a no-brainer.

The $230 Echo Show will connect to cameras from Nest, August, Amcrest, EZViz, IC Realtime, Vivint, Ring, Logitech Circle 2, Petzi Treat Cam, and Arlo. This will allow users to monitor cameras hands-free, a big plus for a device that’s already at home in the kitchen.

The use cases write themselves: you can check who’s at the front door with a Ring video doorbell or keep an eye on the kids with the Nest Cam in the playroom. Just ask the Echo, “Alexa, show me the front door,” and it’ll appear live on-screen.

While the current list covers many of the top brands, Amazon also announced the Smart Home Skill API to allow other manufacturers to connect to the Echo. And with other skills already on the market that let you arm and disarm your system with your voice, Alexa is becoming more and more helpful in securing your home.

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