Angee Announces Official Launch Of Home Security System

Angee, a company that first launched a Kickstarter campaign for its home security system back in 2015, has announced its official U.S. launch at CES.


The most notable thing about Angee is that it’s designed to “respect your privacy.” It does so through its Privacy Mode. As Angee puts it, “When you come home, Angee turns to face the wall. And if anyone wants to connect to Angee’s camera, they need your permission first.”

Features And Details

This is a stark contrast to most home security systems, which monitor your home at all times of day, and it’s probably the main appeal of the system. It’s for those who want to watch their home while away, but are far less concerned about what happens when they’re actually present. Angee also boasts end-to-end encryption and “minimal data” sent to its cloud — data only gets sent when a threat is detected, when the livestream is accessed, or when voice commands are activated.

Other features in the Angee system include security tags for windows and doors, a built-in internal backup battery for the camera. Upcoming features include differentiating between pets and intruders, and advanced sound recognition that can identify noises like alarms or breaking glass.

Angee’s official release claims its system will include one camera and one security tag for $349, which is on the higher end of the DIY security market. Two additional security tags can be purchased in a pack for $69.

Lingering Concerns

Despite the announcement of a U.S. launch, Angee still doesn’t give an exact release date, just noting the system will be “available soon.” According to The Verge, Angee will begin selling systems after it ships units out to its Kickstarter backers first.

We’re a bit concerned by the company’s Kickstarter history — Angee was initially supposed to send units to its backers in 2016, but they’re still waiting in early 2018. Backers have expressed a number of concerns on the Kickstarter’s comment page, and many of those backers have asked for refunds.

Although there’s a unique angle to this system, we’d like to see it hit the market for real before considering it a legitimate home security option.

UPDATE: We’ve been contacted by Angee’s Max Rattner, who said “we started shipping before the end of the year and will fulfill all Kickstarter orders within the next 6 weeks, and Angee will be available for sale in March.”

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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