August Announces In-Home Delivery Service

Smart lock maker August has introduced its own in-home delivery service using its August Access program.


August announced the service as a partnership with Deliv, a same day service provider. Much like Amazon’s Amazon Key service, August’s service will let couriers unlock a user’s front door to place a package securely inside a home.

How It Works

August’s Access program lets users generate a one-time code for a delivery person. When the courier arrives at a home, they ring the doorbell and the customer gets a notification. After that, the courier can punch in the secure code. If no one answers the door, the courier can enter to place any packages inside the home. An indoor security camera sends live video of the event to the user, wherever he or she may be. Users can also choose to view a recording of the delivery.

The service works with August smart locks, as well as Yale residential and commercial locks. Though a camera is required to view the delivery, August doesn’t actually make an indoor security camera — the company only makes a doorbell camera at this point. Therefore, a security camera from another company must be used to get video of the actual delivery.

It’s unclear which cameras may be compatible with the service at this point, as August doesn’t provide any information online — but the August app clearly shows there’s a way to view interior video.

Retail Options

Customers will be given an option to select in-home delivery when the transaction is being completed with a participating Deliv retailer. More than 4,000 retailers use Deliv, including Macy’s, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, PetSmart, Giant Eagle, and more. Access is an open platform, and other retailers may get involved in the future.

August had been testing the service with Wal-Mart last year, and the company obviously thinks things went well enough to continue in-home deliveries.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy is the former editor in chief of Security Baron. Before, he has worked as a freelance writer and editor at websites like and along with publications like the Lockport Union Sun & Journal and the Greater Niagara Newspapers. With digital and print experience under his belt, Phil has a passion for all things technology including home security, cyber security, and the smart home. His bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland College Park initially landed Phil his first job at the Beaver County Times, which has lead to over 15 years of experience as a journalist.

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