Canary, maker of a number of popular home security cameras, announced a new feature that will be coming to all Canary and Canary Flex cameras: Person Detection.


As Canary’s post explains, “Person Detection uses machine learning to accurately identify people within your Canary video, sending you specific person alerts when a human is detected by your Canary or Canary Flex, while still sending regular motion alerts for non-human activity.”

So basically, Canary cameras should be able to differentiate between motions involving people and motions that don’t recognize any humans, and will be able to notify users accordingly. As expected, users will be able to customize these notifications to their liking.

Canary claims Person Detection is already in production testing, and it should be activated on the company’s cameras early next year. The service will be provided for all users, free of charge. (The company also introduced the two-way audio feature Canary Talk earlier this year.)

Lesson Learned?

It appears that Canary learned a lesson earlier this year when it attempted to start charging fees for services it had previously offered for free. The company had planned to make Night Mode a premium feature, but it later relented. Canary also said it was adding longer video clips at that time.

Person Detection isn’t the only new feature coming to Canary cameras in the new year. The company claims the feature is part of a new AI-powered suite of intelligent tools called Canary Vision. Canary claims it’s trying to offer a “true, real-time window” into what’s happening in your home.

As the home security camera market takes off, companies will introduce plenty of new features to distinguish themselves from competitors. It remains to be seen how well these features will work, but the competition may create a promising future for home safety.

(H/T The Verge)