Caught On Camera: Nine Pets Making Mischief At Home

The proliferation of home security cameras has led to a whole new genre of internet videos showing home intrusions. But at-home cameras have also given us footage of less dangerous culprits making their way around unoccupied homes: pets. When their owners are away, dogs and cats have been caught getting into the fridge, hopping up on kitchen counters, knocking over TVs and wreaking havoc in laundry rooms. Here’s a look at nine videos of pets caught on camera that will bring a smile to your face.

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A Dog Gets Into A Refrigerator

Dog owner Adam Montiel used GoPro footage to find out how exactly his dog was getting into the fridge. It’s honestly pretty impressive.

A Cat Stares Down A Canary (Camera)

In a video from YouTuber yarii41, a cat appears to have a staredown with a Canary home security camera…and then it goes about its typical cat business.

A Dog Vs. A Countertop

Video footage captures a very determined dog using drawers as a staircase to get to the top of a counter.

A Cat Wreaks Havoc In A Laundry Room

An Arlo camera caught this cat tearing it up in a laundry room.

A Dog Makes The Kitchen Its Own

If you thought your dog couldn’t access whatever you’re hiding on those high shelves, this video might change your mind.

A Cat Vs. The Small Screen

Can a cat knock over a TV? Yes, as it turns out.

Full House Of Pets

A camera captures the goings-on in a household with three dogs and two cats.

Full House Of Pets: Part Two

The mischief continues.

Dog Siblings Just Want To Have Fun

When the humans are away, these very cute dogs clearly enjoy each other’s company (via The Dodo).

Kind of makes you wonder: do you even know what your pets are up to all day? To find out, read our review of the best home security cameras. 

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