Comcast invests in mesh Wi-Fi maker Plume to bolster smart home

Comcast invests in mesh Wi-Fi maker Plume to bolster smart homeThe future of home security is wireless, but getting wireless coverage throughout the house can be a real pain. In the last couple year, startups and tech giants alike have debuted a new type of Wi-Fi technology called mesh networking that does a better job of spreading internet goodness throughout your house.

Plume is one of those companies, and they just got a big investment from Comcast. You may think of Comcast as a cable provider, internet giant or owner of NBCUniversal. But the Philadelphia-based media giant is also a huge player in the home security market. This investment will help them further strengthen their foothold in the industry.

Plume offers packs of small Wi-Fi access points that simply plug into the all. Plug an ethernet cord into one of them and they optimize for your space automatically. After a few days, they’ll learn where you need Wi-Fi around the house and send signal right to those spots.

The new deal will integrate Plume into Comcast’s freshly announced xFi network monitoring system. xFi allows customers to manage their networks with a modern, easy-to-navigate interface, replacing the often-confusing router interfaces most people have to deal with.

In addition to the streamlined interface, xFi will also offer some unique benefits. Fine-grained parental controls will make sure everyone in the family has the right levels of access, adding new users is a cinch and you can even monitor every device connected to the network. So if that new security camera is hogging bandwidth, it should be easy to spot.

The service is available starting today for users with compatible hardware. Comcast expects there will be 15 million households with xFi-capable hardware by the end of the year, including Plumes and some of Comcast’s own routers.



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