Do Fake Security Signs Really Guard Against Burglaries?

Fake Security SignIt’s not uncommon to find homeowners resorting to such tactics as bogus security signs to help guard their home against burglaries. Why? Because, unfortunately, many people in today’s society can’t afford to purchase high-end security systems for their home and/or business. But do these types of measures really work? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons.

Fake Signage Benefits

  1. Obviously, the greatest advantage to using fake security signage, such as yard signs and windows decals, is that it’s inexpensive. Ordering them online normally costs $20 or less, and this includes popular security brand logos.
  2. By comparing the labor involved in installing a security system to putting stickers in a window or a sign in a yard, it’s really no wonder why many people opt to take the less labor-intensive way out.

Fake Signage Risks

  1. By searching online, anyone – yes, even a thief – can find out if your “security company” is authentic or not.
  2. As mentioned before, there are items available online with real security brand logos on them, but depending on where you purchase them from, you could be bordering on copyright infringement, and that can lead to substantial legal costs.
  3. No action will be taken if your home is broken into because you aren’t connected to a real security system or monitoring service. In other words, the police won’t be notified when a burglar enters your home, so you stand a greater chance of your possessions and valuables being stolen.

One final note – while it might seem like the most proactive choice would be to buy a fully functional security system, for many people this just isn’t possible. If your budget doesn’t allow for security equipment, then using phony signage might be the only route available to you at the present time, and in most circumstances it truly is better than simply doing nothing at all.



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