Face To Phone: Six Facial Recognition Security Apps

Facial recognition software isn’t new in the tech world, but it’s gained greater recognition since November, when Apple released the iPhone X featuring Face ID. (You may know the Animoji ads.)

In fact, while the software is not standard in most home security camera offerings, app developers have jumped on the opportunities its inclusion in mobile devices can bring. A look through the Google Play or iOS app stores shows a range of applications with functions ranging from healthcare to social media identification.

Most relevant is the popular category of security applications that use facial recognition technology. If you’re intrigued by the protective potential of biometrics, check out our roundup of existing iPhone and Android apps featuring facial recognition software below.


With FaceLock, you can let your friend borrow your phone without worrying about private data getting into the wrong hands. The app, available for Android, uses your face as a key to protect your sensitive information. You can apply it to basic apps like Settings and Tasks manager, or social apps like Facebook. You can also use it as a Gallery Lock.

True Key

McAfee’s True Key is a password management app utilizing biometric software. Instead of manually typing in a long, confusing string of letters and numbers as you log in to each website, you can use either your face or fingerprint. The free app is available for Android and iOS.

ioBit Applock

iOBit Applock for Android also incorporates biometrics into your phone protection. With ioBit, you can use your face or to lock social, payment, shopping, or work apps. You can also use it to lock your main Android screen — and the app even has a delay feature to avoid constant accidental facial unlocking. ioBit also allows users to lock phone settings, so you can easily manage preferences for things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

BioID Facial Recognition

BioID Facial Recognition is a similar type of biometrics app, this time for iOS devices. It allows you to use biometric means — including eye recognition specifically, without the need for the entire face to be visible — in place of passwords for logins and transactions.


FaceFirst is a facial recognition app aimed at assisting professional industries including law enforcement, finance, and retail. Available for iPhone and Android, the app can scan crowds for facial information, as well as optimize facial data for identity matching. According to FaceFirst’s website, the company aims to help with broad societal goals like assisting law enforcement find missing children and make more accurate facial identifications. It can also be used by stores and banks for surveillance and protection.


Digipass by Vasco Security is a comprehensive security app for Android. It has two-factor authentication, electronic signing, and biometric features — including facial recognition — available for protections, log-ins and transactions.

Biometric technology appears to be approaching its entrance into everyday use. These apps are just the beginning, as the tech makes deeper inroads into home security.

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