Is Flare The Future Of Home Security? First Look

At Security Baron, we like to stay on the forefront of new technology that comes out in the home security industry.  There have certainly been a lot of innovations in the industry over the past decade.  That’s why we were really excited when we came across Flare, which we saw on Indiegogo.  Currently, they have raised over $250,000 on the crowdfunding platform.

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What Is Flare?

Flare is basically an all-in-one home security device that uses really advanced technology to function totally on its own.  The technology includes:

Facial Recognition– The unit will know the faces of the people in the house.

Voice Recognition– The unit will also be able to decipher the voices of people who live and who don’t live in the house.

Geolocation- Flare knows when you have left the house or are about to come back to the house based on the signal that comes from your phone.

Special Audio Intelligence– Flare understands what a typical house sound is and what a suspicious sound is.

Phone Control– You can monitor your house and control the device all through the smartphone app.

Here’s a video from the company:

We’re excited about this because it definitely takes home security a step forward with the artificial intelligence technology that is in the device.  We always think it’s cool when they use facial recognition software on tv shows like 24, so it’s especially cool to have that kind of technology available for everyone to have in their home.

If you have a big house, then just having one unit like Flare might not be enough, but if you have a small house, it might be all that you need.  It’s a lot cheaper than the big home security options, so it’s great that it’s going to be available for so many people.
We look forward to seeing how this product and company progresses.

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