How To Hide Wires On Your Home Security Equipment

So, you’ve finished installing your snazzy new DIY home security system…and you’ve hit one slight problem. Visible wires hang down from your mounted cameras, or maybe even along the counter where you’ve plugged in a console.


Black electrical wire all around the edges of the living room can easily disrupt an intentioned aesthetic. But with security cameras in particular, visible wires can also pose safety issues. Easily seen wires can be spotted and cut, rendering your carefully secured property once again vulnerable.

To help with both decorative and safety needs, we’ve scoured the internet for creative DIY hacks on how to mask electrical wires around the house. Use these for any components of your home security system that apply!

Paint Wires

One method of concealing wires hanging from a security camera is to paint them the same color as the wall. suggests stapling the wire at available corners so the wire is tight and flat, and then proceeding with the paint.

A variation in this technique is using FlatWire, a cord cover or sleeve to cover the wire, and then painting over that cover in the color of the wall.

Find Cord Covers Or Sleeves To Match Your Wall

If you’re working with a white or wood background and can find covers or sleeves to match, you may even be able to hide your wires without lifting your paintbrush.

Fabric Paneling

Add some flair to your wire-hiding by following in The Front Poarch’s footsteps and creating a fabric panel to lay over a part of your wall with a hanging cable.

This design — which features a wooden frame covered in fabric attached via staples — was originally created for hiding cords beneath a wireless television. But, the same technique could be applied to an indoor camera with a long wire that needs concealing.

Use Binder Clips

Fasten hanging wires behind existing pieces like bookshelves and mantels with easy, no-special-skills-required binder clips.

Get Creative With Your Baseboard

Your baseboard can be used to mask any cables peeking out along your floor. Back at, one recommendation features running the cords behind the baseboard. You first have to remove the baseboard, then place the wire in the gap between wall and floor. When the wires are pushed in far enough to not get caught in the baseboard edges, you can then re-attach the baseboard, concealing the cables behind it.  

If you can’t completely remove your baseboard, you could follow the Huffington Post’s advice and hide any wires draping low to the ground behind a DIY decorative baseboard.

Hanging wires don’t need to be a necessary evil when installing home security equipment. You can try the DIY techniques above, or take it up to a more advanced level and run your hanging cords behind your walls. Of course, for those seeking the easiest possible route, you can eliminate cables altogether with a completely wireless security system.

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