Home Security Tips For When You’re On Vacation

It’s naturally important for us to know that our home is secure when we are away on vacation. Many people buy home security systems simply so then their house is kept safe and secure when they are away for a few weeks or months. There are however some things you can do that do not involve a home security system to help keep your home safe while you’re away. Here are some security tips to keep in mind so your home is safe while you’re on vacation.

Safety On Vacation

1. Ensure All Windows And Doors Are Closed

This may seem a little obvious, but many people do forget this important step. Say for example you have a small bathroom window that is open the vast majority of the time. It can be very easy to forget that you have left that window open and it can be an invite to burglars. Before you leave for your vacation, walk around the house and make sure that every window and door in the house is locked securely. Then you should not have to worry too much about anyone being able to sneak into the house.

Close Doors When On Vacation

2. Don’t Announce Your Vacation On Social Media 

Burglars are now starting to use social media as a way of finding potential targets. As soon as they see that someone in their nearby area is away on holiday, they can quickly organize themselves and break into a home they know is empty. Not only that, but some insurance companies are now saying that they will not pay for any damages or losses that occur when someone has shared on social media that they are away. Simply remain silent on social media while you are away and potential burglars will not be able to pick up on your absence.

No Social Media On Vacation

3. Wait Until After The Trip To Post Those Great Photos

Of course you want to post their trip pics, but if you wait until after you return, you’ll avoid the security risk and get to to share the experience with your friends.  Not to mention you get to take in the vacation experience on a more personal level and take a break from the ever-consuming digital media rat race.  The more you appreciate the moments you have on a trip, the more meaning the photos will have when looking back!

Family Photo Vacation

4. Ask Someone To Look After Your Home 

While you are away, ask a neighbor, friend, or family member to drop by yoHouse Sittersur house regularly make sure that everything is okay. You may already need to do this because you have pets that require attention, but this can help keep your home safe as well. Also ask them to pick up any mail or packages you might have and to turn lights on while they are there. These are the common signs burglars look for when they’re trying to find any empty home, so doing this will be enough to deter them away. If you wanted to, you could even ask some people you trust to stay over a few nights in your home to deter burglars even more.



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