How Home Security Systems Protect Your Pets

Pet SecurityIf you have pets, then chances are that you have thought about having a home security system but have changed your mind. Many people think that you can’t really have a home security system if you have pets as they will always set alarms off. This is often far from the truth. There are many ways in which having a home security system can help keep your pets safe while you are away from home. Here are ways in which a decent home security system can help keep your pets safe.

Indoor Cameras

The best part about having a modern home security system when you have pets is the indoor cameras. These enable you to have your pets on camera at all times so then you can make sure that they are safe. This is particularly true if you have a home security system that includes a mobile app where you can look at the security cameras live. With this option, you will be able to keep a close eye on your pets and see what they are doing even when you have been out and about for a few hours.

Sensors Built For Pets

Many home security companies are now including sensors that are pet friendly as part of their security services. These sensors are designed not to go off whenever an animal that weighs around 60 pounds or less walks past. So if you have cats for example, they will not be able to set off the alarm when they walk past the sensors regardless of how often they do so. This is great for anyone that is concerned that having sensors in the home will cause the alarm to go off all of the time.

Automatic Door Locks

If you are concerned about your animals being able to get out of the house if you forget to close a door properly, then many home security systems will be able to help you with that. Some of them are able to provide automatic door locks that are triggered whenever you want. So for example, if you are heading out and you have forgotten to lock the front door, you can use your mobile app to lock the door. This means that even if you do tend to forget to lock up, you will be able to keep your pets safe and sound.



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