How To Improve Your eBay Security

It’s beneficial for users to take careful security precautions to protect their accounts and the sensitive information within, especially when using an online marketplace like eBay. 

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eBay itself provides extensive safety recommendations, but for a quick primer on the first steps to increasing your account security, check out our guide below.

Use A Unique Username And Password

As you’ll know from any of our security guides, a unique password is always a primary step to increased account security. If you use the same password across all sites, hackers who gain access to one can then enter the other sites. To start, create a password you use only for eBay and have never used anywhere else before. Don’t share this password with anyone else.

eBay also recommends using a unique username you don’t use for other sites, and changing your password every 30 to 60 days.

Be Smart With Your User ID

Another thing you may not think twice about reusing across sites: a user ID. But with eBay, your user ID is attached to public transactions. So, it’s a good idea to use a unique login.

Creating an ID that’s different than your email and doesn’t use your name are specific suggestions from eBay.

Make Sure Your Personal Information Is Up To Date

eBay has processes put into place to help with your identity protection. To effectively carry out these measures, they may need to confirm your personal details with you. To make sure the security practices can best protect instead of harm, make sure your account always reflects your current information.

Beware Of/Report Phishing

eBay accounts can be especially vulnerable to phishing attempts. Phishing attempts are fake emails that look like they are coming from a reputable site — in this case eBay — that actually use malicious means to gain access to your personal information. To be safe, don’t give out your personal information through email transactions, and check out some other tips in our phishing guide.

Watch My eBay And Preferences

eBay recommends keeping an eye on two areas of your account specifically: my eBay and Preferences. If you regularly monitor activity, you’ll notice anything suspicious or unauthorized, and can contact the site.

Follow Emergency Protocol

To best protect you in the instance that your account is breached, Ebay has created a set of steps to follow, including changing your password and secret question and checking for any suspicious bids. To go through the rest of the protocol, head over to their guide.


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