How To Improve Your Hulu Security

You’ve likely already taken steps to secure sites with the most obvious sensitivity, such as your email or social media accounts. But even sites you use to relax from the stress of those worlds have their own security issues.

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So, before you get too comfortable with your Hulu binge choice for the evening, consider how you may be able to bolster your account security with our guide below.

Use A Unique Password

The important first step of all of our go-to security guides: create a unique password that you only use for Hulu. It is undoubtedly easier on the memory to use one password across sites, which is likely why it’s such a common practice. But that common practice can leave you extremely vulnerable. If hackers discovers your login information for any account, they can then get into all the rest.

It’s also important that you don’t share this unique password with anyone else. While this is common password sense, it’s popular practice with streaming sites like Hulu to share accounts with friends or family members. While someone close to you likely won’t be a direct security threat, the more people with access to your account, the less secure it is. Even if someone only tangentially connected to you leaves the account vulnerable, a hacker would still be gaining access to your sensitive details.

Always Log Out

It’s similarly vital to make sure you always log out of your account, especially if you use Hulu at a friend’s house or screening event.

If you’re not sure if you’ve been diligent about this, Hulu provides an option to automatically log your account out of all currently signed-in locations. To use this, open your Hulu Account page. Scroll down to Privacy and Settings sections on the right side. Then click the option Protect Your Account. From there, you can choose to Log Me Out of Other Computers.

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Opt In To Credit Card Notifications

If someone gains unpermitted access to your account, they may change your service options or partake in other practices that lead to unauthorized financial charges. To keep yourself apprised of any potential suspicious billing activity, you can opt in to get email alerts when your credit card is charged.

To use this feature, head to your Hulu Account Page and again scroll down to the Privacy and Settings section. Click the option Manage Email Notifications. Scroll down to the Billing section, and check the box next to the credit card notification option.

From this section, you can also choose to opt out of emails from Hulu.

Disconnect From Facebook

Many Hulu users opt to have their account connected to Facebook. However, this gives Hulu access to your Facebook public profile, friend list, birthday, likes and email addresses. If you want to keep this information from your Facebook separate from your Hulu account, you can choose to disconnect the two sites.

To do this, head to your Hulu account page. In the Personal info area, you’ll see the option to Disconnect from Facebook. Click Disconnect on the right and go from there.

Try User Profiles For Household Accounts

One thing you may want to keep private from others is your Hulu viewing habits. If you have your own account (and you’re not sharing your password!), this generally isn’t an issue. However, if you have one account for your household, your viewing habits will be available to anyone else using it. (And their viewing choices will affect your recommendations, etc.)

To keep your viewing experience personal and private, try the User Profiles feature. This lets you have your own profile to view from within the overall household account.

To set this up, open your Account page and click the Profiles tab. You can see existing profiles, and choose to add a new one. Click +Add Profile. In the box that pops up, put in your personal information and set up whether or not you want child controls. Voila: your own profile.

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