How To Improve Your SoundCloud Security

To fully protect your web presence, it’s vital to think about privacy and security settings on all of your frequently used sites. We’ve provided guides before, for example, on minimizing vulnerabilities for your email and social media accounts.

But it’s also important to think about sites you may think of as more recreational, such as those you turn to for your music needs. Maybe you’ve already taken steps to increase your safety on Pandora and Spotify. But your audio platform security doesn’t stop there. If you’re a SoundCloud user, there are also ways you can increase the security and privacy settings of your account. Here are a few tips.

Create A Unique Password

The first step of securing any online account is creating a strong and unique password. While it’s tempting to use one password across sites to ease the burden on your memory, this practice leaves you vulnerable. If someone trying to gain access to your information figures out your login for one site, all your other sites then become compromised.

Connect A Secondary Email

SoundCloud builds in an easy way to prevent losing access to your account by getting locked out: adding a secondary email. To do this, first head to the Settings page. Then head to the Account tab, where you’ll see your primary email. Below, there’s an option to add a second email. Type in a reliable address and follow instructions in your email inbox to complete the linking process.

Beware Of Phishing Attempts

The music platform also warns users about outside attempts to gain login information into SoundCloud. To be safe, don’t give your SoundCloud information out at all, and, as SoundCloud suggests, check the domain in the URL before you log in with your information to make sure you are actually on SoundCloud. Specifically, phishing attempts falsely claiming to be the App Store have been sent out with claims about SoundCloud payments.

According to SoundCloud, the site won’t ask users through messaging means to give log-in information, and won’t ask you via email to log into any external accounts or download any applications.

Adjust Track Privacy Settings

If you use SoundCloud not just as a listener but as a creator, there are more steps you can take to secure tracks as you see fit. If you’d like to use the platform to make certain songs available to only chosen participants, you have the choice to adjust your track’s privacy settings. When your track is private, it doesn’t show up in searches or on your profile.

To make a track private, head to the edit page of your track and then to the Basic info tab. Below the Description section, you’ll have to choice to select public or private.

Use Secret Links

Secret Links is another tool creators can use to make sure they have control over who is accessing their tracks. If you’d like to share a track with others, and you don’t want to make publicly accessible through search, you can make the track private and then pass it along through a Secret Link. To access a track’s Secret Link, click the share button below its listing.

It’s easy to think online security tasks are finished once you’ve secured your email and social media accounts. But phishing and attempts to access your sensitive information and data can happen on almost any site. To make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable through a less common platform like SoundCloud, protect yourself using the tips above.

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