How To Improve Your Square Cash Security

Square and its Cash App have revolutionized mobile payments. But just like with Venmo and PayPal, the convenience Cash provides also comes with security risks.


When an app is tied to sensitive financial information, the stakes of compromised access are even higher, and appropriate security measures are all the more important.

Square Cash may not tie directly to your checking account, like Venmo. But it is still connected to your debit card, which can leave you exposed if the service is misused. To best keep your finances safe and take steps to bolster your Square cash security, check out our tips below.

Create A Unique Password

It’s the first step of any security guide, but all the more important with accounts directly tied to card information. While it’s difficult to remember distinct passwords for every site, it is the best way to go for security. If you use the same password across sites, someone trying to gain access to your information needs to only figure out the login to one account to seize control of others.

To best keep your money in safe hands, choose a new password for your Square cash account and don’t repeat it with any other account.

Use Available Security Protocols

Square Cash adds extra security protocol options to make it harder for others to gain access to your account. After a strong password, you can enable available two-factor authentication options. This requires an additional code after you enter after your password during the typical login process.

Square also has options to enable Touch ID and Face ID for app access and control. Using these features helps limit unwanted access to your app, as an appropriate finger or facial match is required before financial transactions are authorized.

Use The Three Digit Code

Square also offers another option to add a layer of security before a finalized transaction. You can adjust your settings to require that you enter your card’s three-digit security code during every purchase.

Set Up Additional Passcodes

Square recommends further securing your interactions by setting up two more opportunities for additional protective passcodes. First, you can set up an additional account security passcode pin through your your mobile network provider. You can also set up a required code to gain entry to your mobile device itself.

These steps may be extreme for some users, but when combined, they increase the layers of security between your account details and someone with unsanctioned access to your phone. Malicious actors would need to supply multiple passwords and codes to even gain access to the app itself.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

You have options as to how visible a presence you are when using Square payments. If you don’t want to be available to be paid via your Square account, you can head to your Profile section in your app and access the Privacy tab. From there you can toggle your to off.

Do Not Enable Bluetooth

Square provides the option to connect to Bluetooth to be visible to other nearby devices, and to see these devices yourself. To keep location information more secure, do not toggle this section to On in the Privacy settings.

Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal have changed the way we exchange money for common activities, goods and services. But as we integrate these new technologies into our lives, it’s important to keep in mind the potential for security vulnerabilities. By looking into what specific security options each app provides, you can bolster your payment security beyond the lowest, standard levels.

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