iDevices Instinct Is A Light Switch With Amazon Alexa Built In

iDevices has introduced a new light switch at CES, which isn’t just compatible with Amazon Alexa — it has Alexa embedded right into its design.

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Instinct has an “intentionally traditional design,” according to iDevices’ announcement, but that design belies serious tech inside. The light switch can be activated by your voice, which causes a glowing LED ring to light up on Instinct.

From there, you can use Amazon’s Alexa tech simply by speaking to the wall switch. Instinct’s Alexa functionality lets users manage connected products straight from the switch. It also allows users to engage in other Alexa activity — ask a question, get the news, listen to music, and more.

iDevices is billing Instinct as a “smart light switch, standalone voice assistant, ambient light sensor and motion detector — all in one product.” Motion and light sensors let users automate lights and receive custom alerts.

Plays Nice With Others

Instinct works with other iDevices smart home products, as well as other Amazon Alexa-enabled products, like Amazon’s Echo line. Apart from Alexa, lighting on Instinct can also be controlled by Siri, Google Assistant, and the iDevices Connected app. There’s no mention of Apple’s HomeKit in iDevices’ press release.

No hub is necessary to use Instinct, and the light switch can be used with iOS or Android. There’s no release date yet — iDevices is only saying that Instinct will be available some time in 2018. There’s also no pricing available at this point, which makes us wonder how expensive this (extremely) smart light switch will be.

As we expected going into this year’s CES, the Internet of Things is becoming more connected, with more companies working with each other in various ways. Instinct is a perfect representation of this. Hopefully, all of this interconnectedness will result in a more open, easier-to-use smart home in the future, instead of overcomplicating things.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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