IFTTT Recipes For Netatmo Welcome And Presence Cameras

In our last article on IFTTT (IF This Then That), we looked at using the service for integrating Netatmo’s Weather Station data into your home automation routines. In addition to its environmental sensors, however, Netatmo also makes a lineup of security cameras that can similarly be tied into IFTTT to do some pretty cool things.

Netatmo’s Welcome and Presence are indoor and outdoor cameras (respectively), that not only perform motion detection, but can also identify faces, animals, and vehicles, making them particularly useful for building security-related automation routines.

As with the company’s weather stations, Netatmo hasn’t yet added direct support for platforms like Apple HomeKit, so IFTTT is actually a key component in being able to control other home accessories based on what your Netatmo cameras actually see.


Like its weather station service, Netatmo and IFTTT have put together a Netatmo Security service that supports a comprehensive range of triggers that let you fire off actions in a variety of scenarios, such as when specific people come into your home or when an animal is detected wandering around in your back yard.

Triggers are also available for Netatmo’s Tags, which are add-on sensors that use the Welcome camera as a base station to report when doors or windows are opened or closed.

Send me a picture when there’s an unknown person at the door

Netatmo’s Welcome camera can tell the difference between somebody who is a member of your household, or even friends and family as opposed to strangers, and you can use this ability to trigger actions only when the camera detects an unknown person, such as sending you an email to let you know that somebody new is at your front door.

Further, IFTTT’s Netatmo Security service will even collect a snapshot, which can be passed on to supported actions, allowing you to attach a photo to the email, for example.

Brew some coffee when a specific person comes home

Netatmo’s cameras can also identify specific people by face, so you can set up multiple applets to perform actions based on exactly who is coming in the front door or entering a room. For example, you can turn on your WeMo Coffeemaker automatically when you come home.

Note that Netamo provides separate triggers for when somebody has simply been “seen” and when somebody “arrives home” so you can create applets that either fire off every time you enter a room, or only when Netatmo determines that you’re coming home — usually based on the camera not having not seen your face for more than a specified amount of time. It’s also worth adding that Netatmo’s Security Service provides two IFTTT actions which allow you to tell Netatmo that either a specific person or everyone has left the house.

Turn on all the lights when your smoke alarm goes off

Netatmo’s indoor Welcome camera also includes the ability to hear when a smoke alarm has gone off. Provided you have a compatible smart lighting system, this means you can create a pretty useful IFTTT applet that will turn on all of your lights to make sure you can see where you’re going if you have to evacuate the house.

Note that Netatmo’s alarm detection doesn’t work with every possible smoke alarm, so you’ll want to make sure that you test it before relying on it, and of course the usual disclaimers apply that Netatmo is not certified for emergency response purposes.

A door is left open

If you have added Tags to your Netatmo system, you can also trigger IFTTT actions when a door is left ajar, such as sending out an SMS message.

Since Tags are actually just vibration sensors, they actually have a number of useful applications, and Netatmo also offers IFTTT triggers for simple vibration detection and motion detection.

Turn on a rodent repeller when an animal is seen outside

Netatmo’s outdoor Presence camera can also detect vehicles and animals, distingishing them from people. If you have a problem with critters getting into your garbage bins, then you can tie Netatmo Presence into something like a WeMo Smart Plug to automatically turn on an attached sonic rodent repelling device whenever an animal is detected.

Along similar lines, since Presence can tell the difference between animals and people, you could also choose to have a floodlight come on only when an actual person is seen on your property while avoiding it being triggered by every cat that wanders by.


If you’re using IFTTT for your home automation routines, Netatmo’s Welcome and Presence security cameras are some of the most versatile IFTTT-enabled home accessories out there, since they can not only detect motion but actually allow you to filter for specific sources of motion. And with the number of appliances and home automation accessories available to IFTTT, there are a lot more cool things you can do.

For more information, read our review of the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera or our review of the best home security cameras. 

Jesse Hollington

Jesse Hollington

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