IKEA Smart Lighting Gains Support For Amazon Alexa And Apple HomeKit

IKEA has added support for both Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit to its TRÅDFRI line of smart lighting products today. The company has previously said there would also be forthcoming Google Home compatibility with the lighting line, but that compatibility doesn’t appear to have arrived just yet.

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A look at the updated TRÅDFRI iOS app notes that version 12.0 has added both “Amazon Alexa integration for voice control of your lights with Alexa skill” and “Apple HomeKit integration for voice control of your lights with Siri.”

Going Mainstream?

It’s noted that for now, Alexa and HomeKit devices can only be used to control IKEA’s TRÅDFRI lights, not the dimmer switches and other accessories. The app description states: “Through the app, you can also connect to Amazon Alexa and use voice-steering to control your lights. Or connect to the Apple Home app, and control your lights at the touch of a button or using Siri.”

While both Alexa and HomeKit have long offered support for other smart lighting solutions, compatibility with a very affordable, easy-to-find system like IKEA’s TRÅDFRI line will go a long way toward making smart lighting more commonplace in typical homes. Consumers who may have balked at the price or perceived complexity of smart lighting before may be more willing to jump on board with products from a brand like IKEA. In turn, smart lighting will become a larger part of home security as time goes on.

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Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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