How To Increase Your Snapchat Security

You may not think of Snapchat as a top security priority. All the pictures disappear anyway, right?

Unfortunately, that kind of mindset can leave you vulnerable. There are options within Snapchat settings that dictate how much access the public has to your posts and even to your location. To make sure you’re taking proper security precautions with your Snapchat account, check out our safety tips below.

Create A Unique Password

The first step for any social media or financial account is to create a specific password. Using the same password for all your sites — while easier on the memory — leaves your accounts particularly vulnerable. If a hacker figures out your account information through holes in one site, all the rest of your sensitive details also become accessible.

Choose a strong password with a combination of cases, letters, numbers and symbols, and don’t reuse it.

Curate Your Story Audience

Snapchat stories have become a highly popular feature of the social media platform. Given their potential for high visibility, you should note privacy setting options that can help protect your content from unwanted viewers.

To change these settings, head to Settings and tap “WHO CAN…View My story.” You’ll have the option to choose “Everyone,” “My Friends,” or “Custom,” which is an effective way to block certain users from your story.

Turn Off The Find Friends Feature

When you’ve enabled the Find Friends feature, anyone with your cell phone number can find your Snapchat account. If you’d prefer to not give those with your number easy access to finding you, you can disable the feature. Head to Settings and Tap Mobile number. You’ll see the section “Let others find me using my mobile number,” which you can toggle to Off.

[You might not also think much about strengthening your YouTube security, but you should consider it — we’ve got you covered.]

Adjust Contact Settings

You can also adjust who you permit to interact with you via the different Snap modes of communication. To make your selections, head to Settings, and “WHO CAN…Contact Me.” You’ll have the option to click “Everyone” or reduce your audience with “My Friends” selection.

Customize Quick Add Features

You can also increase privacy by preventing some of the Quick Add features that give more direct access to your profile. Head to Settings, “WHO CAN…See Me in Quick Add.” Toggle to Off to remove yourself.

Keep Your Location Private

Location is a Snapchat setting that can leave not only your account, but your physical self, prone to security issues. To make sure your location is set to “Only Me,” head to Settings, “WHO CAN…See My Location.” Tap to set location settings as private, public to friends, or available to a customized selection.

Snapchat’s disappearing act can lure you into a false sense of security. How could your information be vulnerable when it will soon cease to exist? Remember that with social media, privacy is more complicated than that. Anything you share on Snapchat can technically be screenshotted or even saved through the use of a third-party app. Remember to adjust your settings. And if you really don’t want something of yours to disseminate, you should probably think twice before posting.

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