How To Increase Your YouTube Security

By any metric, YouTube is one of the most popular websites, and with a reported 73 percent of all American adults using YouTube, conversations surrounding site security are vital.

Whether you’re a casual animal video browser or a devoted poster to the site, there are certain steps you can take to increase your security as a YouTube user.

Use A Unique Password

You’ll find this one at the top of most of our online account security guides, but its importance can’t go unmentioned. It’s extremely common for online account holders to re-use passwords among their various sites, but this poses great security risk. If someone figures out your login information for one site, then those your accounts on those other sites also become vulnerable.

Protect your Youtube account by creating a unique and strong password — and don’t reuse it!

Add Recovery Information

Keep out intruders by taking advantage of options for both a recovery email and phone number. These added layers of security prevent someone from being able to get into your account just by figuring out the attached security question.

Make Your Likes And Subscriptions Private

You may think you are privately liking and subscribing to your favorite videos — but that depends on your privacy settings. If you’d prefer to keep your YouTube activity to yourself, you can make required adjustments. Click your picture icon to head to “My Account.” Then go to “Account Settings,” and hit the “Privacy” tab. From there, you can opt to keep liked videos, subscriptions and saved playlists private.

Control Your Activity Feed

You can further protect your YouTube activity by adjusting your Activity Feed Settings. Head back to the Privacy tab and click down to the Activity Feed section. From there, you can decide whether or not you want to post to the feed when you add a video to a public playlist, like a video, save a playlist, or subscribe to a channel.

Check Your Video Privacy Settings

For those who post on YouTube, there are a variety of things to keep in mind to make sure your videos are reaching your intended audience.

In the Video Manager listing of each video you upload, you’ll have three options for privacy settings. You can make the video public, which means anyone on the internet can find it and it will show up in search results. You can make the video private, which means only those who you invite by email can view the video. Or you can make the video unlisted, which means it won’t show up in search results but anyone with the link can view it. Make sure to choose the right setting based on who you want to watch your video.

Beware Of Phishing

In Google’s own YouTube safety guidelines, the company warns against phishing attempts by people pretending to be from YouTube who hope to gain access to your sensitive and valuable information. To keep your account details secure, heed Google’s warning that YouTube won’t ask you for information like your password and email address.

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