Ingenious Ways To Hide Your Valuables Inside Your Home

Have you ever heard the saying “hide in plain sight”? You would be surprised how many ways you can cleverly hide your valuables inside your home without having to fork over a ton of money for things like vaults and safety deposit boxes. Here are four ingenious ways to trick a would-be robber and keep your items safe:

Hide Valuables At Home

  1. A tennis ball can work like a coin purse by making a small slit in the ball and inserting your money, jewelry, and other small items inside. You don’t have to just keep it inside your house either. If you’re active in sports, then carry one in your duffle bag to store your money and car keys in. That way, if you’re busy playing tennis or some other sport, and you can’t keep an eye on your bag at all times, you don’t have to worry about a thief rifling through it and stealing your money or keys.
  2. Many common bottles found inside your home can be used to store things. For instance, if you have an empty mayonnaise jar, wash the inside thoroughly with soap and water, being careful not to destroy the label. Then spray the inside of the jar white to resemble an unused jar of mayonnaise and once it’s dry you can use it to hide jewelry, money, and other small valuables inside your refrigerator or pantry.
  3. Most thieves, especially men, won’t think to look inside a tampon box or other feminine hygiene package for small expensive items, so this would make a very clever ruse. Just make sure the box is full of the actual product and hide your valuables underneath them.
  4. By visiting your local hardware store or by doing a search online, you can find many companies who specialize in developing products specifically for hiding your belongings. This can include bottles, fake rocks, planters, towels, and many more sneaky options.



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