Inside The World Of Super Expensive Home Security Products

Protection against home intrusions is cheaper and more accessible than ever. But while everyday consumers may opt for a compilation of cameras and door and window sensors, the wealthy few can acquire security products that tally up to a much higher price. From secret passageways to bulletproof blinds, we’ve compiled five high-price security products currently on the market, and given you a glimpse into what they do.


Secret Passageways

Just like in the Castle storybooks of your youth, some consumers opt for secret passageways as part of their home security plan. These consist of concealed doorways to hidden spaces that can be used for a variety of security purposes, like protecting jewelery or passports, or as vaults for food storage and other emergency items.

Creative Home Engineering, for example, specializes in bookcase doors. These appear to be run-of-the mill shelves for your favorite novels, but actually conceal hidden rooms. Different bookshelf styles operate in distinct ways: a single bookcase can pull out like a traditional door, a double bookcase can push inwards from two sides, and a sliding bookcase can separate in the middle to provide entrance to a space. Also included among the company’s extensive secret doorway options are fireplace, pool-cue rack, and stone facade doors.

(For the less storybook-inclined, the company also has more straightforward security doors, which similarly create sealed-off security rooms, just without the secret entrance.)

THE PRICE: Prices for secret passageways and security doors vary based on how they are tailored to a specific space. But Creative Home Engineering’s pricing guidelines put a single bookcase door at about $8,500, a sliding bookcase door at $15,000, a pool cue rack at $7,500 and a fireplace at $12,000. Non-concealed security doors start at about $6,000.

Bulletproof Blinds

You probably readily associate law enforcement with bulletproof vests. But other kinds of bulletproof protection can be used as part of home security systems.

The Texas-based Safety and Security company provides properties bulletproof protection with a product called Bullet Barrier Blinds. According to the company’s website, the remote-control operated blinds can stop a .44 magnum bullet “point-blank.”

THE PRICE: Safety and Security provides prices for Bullet Barrier blinds via customized quote. As an example, we submitted a quote request for getting blinds for a location with 10 windows sized 47″ by 35″. The company responded that the pricing is about $100.00 per square feet powered blind.

Fallout Shelter

The wealthiest security seekers may turn to creating a fallout shelter to provide safety in the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical emergency.

NBC Fallout Shelters offers customizable shelters, with standard features including blast doors, filtration systems, and chemical/biological gas filters.

THE PRICE: Pricing for the shelters will, of course, depend on size and personal customizations. The company’s sizing guide offers approximate prices for basic shelters of a variety of dimensions. A 6′ x 6′ x 12′ shelter, for example, costs about $19,155 plus another $3,890 for installation. The much larger 7′ x 20′ x 40′ shelter costs $134,995 plus $29,995 for installation.

Fog Security

Some consumers turn to an unlikely source for security protection: fog. Fog security products fill an area with mist that helps deter intruders, minimize property damage, and protect valuable assets.

The U.K.’s Fog Bandit product can fill an entire room with distracting fog in just a few seconds.

THE PRICE: The Fog Bandit can be purchased or acquired through contract rental. Contract Rentals start at approximately $3 per day, which would be about $1,095 per year.


While private helicopters have long been tied to the wealthy, they aren’t always thought of as part of a security system. But some consider a dependable emergency escape or evacuation option a measure of safety.

Consumers interested in being able to fly directly away from their home, however, must install a heliport directly on the property — often on the roof.

The escape measure can be used in conjunction with other security measures. For example, an alarm tripped upon home intrusion can signal the occupant to head straight to their emergency exit heliport location and depart the premises.

THE PRICE: Prices for heliports are based on included features and the type of helicopter being used. Costs could potentially run from approximately under $20,000 to $500,000 or more. In January, a report from the Palm Beach Post discussed a potential small helipad for President Donald Trump in Florida, and estimated the cost would be $50,000.

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