iPad and iPhone Apps To Block Ads And Malware

If you’re up on your online security, you’ve likely already taken steps to block ads, malware and tracking on your favorite internet browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. But there’s a distinct possibility that you’re also browsing the web on your iOS device without taking any of the same precautions.

Luckily, Apple made content blockers available for Safari for iOS back in iOS 9, meaning you can use the same safety measures for your mobile browsing experience. This can effectively increase protection of your private information, speed up load times, and improve your device’s battery life.

To help you take your online security mobile, we’ve rounded up ad, malware, and tracking blocker apps currently available for iOS.


Performix’s AdGuard (free) is an open-source ad and malware blocker designed for iOS. The free application has a host of functions: it can block multiple types of ads, including banners and video ads. It also protects against malware domains, and can block trackers and social widgets. AdGuard also offers the use of regional filters.

Better Blocker

Better Blocker ($5) is an application that blocks tracking scripts and pixels, as well as ad-research tracking. The open program finds the largest tracking culprits and protects users, leading to increased website readability and faster load times. The app also attempts to specifically shield against websites with programming in place that require users to turn off privacy tools for optimal access. It is created by the small, not-for-profit company Ind.ie.


Named the best adblocker by Lifehacker, 1Blocker (free) is a content blocker that can improve your iOS browsing experience in a number of ways. The application blocks ads and trackers, keeping your private information secure and accelerating loading times by a factor of two. It also allows you to customize your personal blocking preferences, and it syncs settings over iCloud. 1blocker can alsoassist productivity by blocking distracting ad-adjacent features like suggested pages. The app has a 4.3 out of 5 customer rating in the App Store.

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Purify ($2) comes highly rated in the App Store, and is recommended by The New York Times and Buzzfeed. The application blocks ads and tracking, and boasts a 4x increase in loading speed. The app filters out distracting ads within a screen making for improved readability, and it can allegedly increase battery life up to 21 percent. Purify also allows you to block features like specific fonts, images and social buttons. For those keeping up with the newest tech trends, the app is now optimized for use with iPhone X. Like 1Blocker, it also allows you to sync settings via iCloud.


Crystal ($1) blocks ads for Safari, allowing you to save data, quicken browsing times (by 4x), and improve battery life. The app protects users from malware and tracking, helping to keep private information secure. Recently added features include user on-board screens and updated graphics.


AdBlock ($1) by FutureMind has a 4.4 out of 5 customer rating on the App Store. The program blocks ads and network traffic, and allows you to create your own filter lists. It increases your privacy by preventing tracking.

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