Keeping Your Stuff Secure At The Gym

While we are big on home security and safety, there are many occasions outside of the home where you are concerned about safety, both of your person and belongings.  The most common request we have received is regarding how to keep things safe when at the gym.  Here are the top 5 things you can do to keep your things secure while at your fitness facility of choice.

1. Bring A Lock
Gym Locker

This may seem like the most obvious point, but most gym thefts occur because people trust their gym community too much.  If you are leaving your stuff in an open locker, then you’re a sitting duck for anyone looking to make a gym score that day.  Bring your own lock, and invest in a quality one.  Just being a step ahead of everyone else in your gym insures that a thief will pass your locker by and continue on to an easier target.

2.  Choose a central gym locker

Central Gym Locker
Choose a locker that’s a bit out of the way, preferably in the center and on a lower level. This gets you off the radar of the thief a little bit, and makes it more likely that he will be surrounded by other gym-goers when trying to break in.

3.  Hide your items in plain sight
Lotion Bottle Safe
For your key valuables (such as cash, phone, keys, etc), hide them in plain site.  There are a number of objects that a burglar will look over quickly, including old shampoo bottles or tampons boxes.  If you can clear out these objects and use them as storage, they will most likely be overlooked by anyone looking to steal your stuff.

4.  Travel Light
Empty Locker
The absolute best way to avoid getting your stuff stolen at the gym is for it not to be at the gym.  If you can leave valuables or other items elsewhere, such as at the office or at home, do it!  Don’t assume that your gym locker is safe, it most likely is much less secure than most other places that you can store your valuables.

Follow the tips above to make sure the only thing you lose at the gym is those extra lbs!  Many thefts occur at the gym primarily because people tend to trust their workout community.  It’s great to feel at home in your workout space, but don’t let your guard down when it comes to security.

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