Lawsuit Puts Ring Protect Security System Sales On Hold

Popular security camera maker Ring was getting set to launch its new security system this month, but a lawsuit has changed those plans — now it’s unclear if the system will even be available this holiday season.


Sales of Ring’s upcoming Protect home security system were halted by a Delaware judge last week as the company deals with a lawsuit from rival company ADT, Law360 reports. ADT, one of the established giants of the home security world, has alleged that Ring’s products use intellectual property controlled by and stolen from ADT.

Sales On Hold

Ring is currently unable to sell any products using the specific intellectual property in question, and the company’s  Protect system is included in that group.

A trial on this lawsuit took place in September, but a ruling has yet to be made by the court. So in the meantime, the judge’s new hold on Ring’s sales will remain. It’s unclear when the lawsuit may reach its end, but Ring is certainly looking for a timely review in its favor, considering the fast-approaching holiday season.

IP issues are common in the tech world, but in many cases involving high-profile companies, products won’t actually be halted from hitting the market, which makes this a bit unusual. This judge’s order was also described as “a rare post-trial, predecision preliminary injunction” in the report.

Availability Unclear

Ring’s Protect Security Kit is a whole-home DIY security kit that will cost $199 and offer multiple monitoring plans with cloud storage. Multiple Protect accessories will also be sold separately. It appears that Ring has removed the previously available option to preorder the products from its website, replaced only by the words “coming soon.”

Those who are still interested in purchasing Ring’s Protect products this holiday season might want to sit tight for at least a few weeks to see if the lawsuit reaches its full conclusion.


Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy is the former editor in chief of Security Baron. Before, he has worked as a freelance writer and editor at websites like and along with publications like the Lockport Union Sun & Journal and the Greater Niagara Newspapers. With digital and print experience under his belt, Phil has a passion for all things technology including home security, cyber security, and the smart home. His bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland College Park initially landed Phil his first job at the Beaver County Times, which has lead to over 15 years of experience as a journalist.

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