Nest Introduces Nest Secure Alarm System

Nest has expanded its home security offerings with the introduction of the new Nest Secure alarm system. The new system is made of three separate products — Nest Guard, Nest Detect, and Nest Tag — which work together and come packaged in one starter pack bundle ($499).


The company announced the new security system today, along with Nest’s first video doorbell camera — the Nest Hello video doorbell, and the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera.

Within the Nest Secure system, Nest Guard acts as the base. It offers an alarm, keypad, motion sensor, and it becomes the hub to communicate with Nest Detect and Nest Tag. Guard comes with battery backup, and an optional cellular backup service ($5/mo. or $50/yr.), which keeps the system working even if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out.

Nest Detect is a sensor that’s designed to do more than your typical motion sensor. The battery-powered Detect is said to know when a window opens, when motion is sensed in a room, or when a door is opened — all depending on where the device is placed in a room and how it’s used. Two Nest Detect units come in the Nest Secure starter pack. Extra Detects will cost $59 each.

Two Nest Tag units also come in the Secure starter pack. Tag is a portable fob that lets users arm and disarm Nest Secure without using a passcode. This allows family members and other trusted people to enter a home with ease, as long as they’ve got a Tag. Extra Tags can be purchased for $25 each.


In addition to the Secure system, Nest’s new Hello video doorbell is the company’s first foray into the doorbell camera space. Hello can send alerts and snapshots when people are spotted, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Users can also communicate with people at the door, as Nest’s HD Talk boasts of echo suppression and ambient noise cancellation for easier listening.


Nest Cam IQ outdoor is, as you’d expect, a newly-designed outdoor version of Nest’s Cam IQ indoor. It will offer alerts in addition to video. The camera will retail for $349, or in a two-pack for $598.

Nest is currently taking preorders for Secure and Cam IQ outdoor — both will ship in November. Nest Hello will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

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Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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