Nest Smart Home Devices Go Offline For Hours

The Nest app had an unknown issue last night which caused a number of problems for all Nest users, including arm/disarm and lock/unlock issues with its Nest Secure and Nest X Yale door locks.


Nest acknowledged the issues on its Nest Support Twitter account. A number of Nest users responded, saying their Nest app wasn’t working at all — Nest Support quickly confirmed that it was working on a solution for this as well. Users also claimed other Nest devices were having issues, including thermostats and cameras.

It appears it took an hour or so to restore the Nest app, and a few hours to fix the app’s full functionality, allowing users to arm/disarm and lock/unlock their locks again without incident (and presumably, to use other Nest devices again, as well).

Nest Support hasn’t tweeted again on the issue, so we’re not sure what happened, exactly. But a major app issue can certainly affect all devices controlled by that app.

When Smart Home Devices Aren’t Smart

While the Nest app and locks weren’t offline for that long — and many Nest users likely never noticed a problem — it’s still a worrisome incident. Imagine coming home and not being able to unlock your front door on demand. Or not being able to lock or disarm your smart lock from afar, to say nothing of a security camera feed being inaccessible.

These possibilities aren’t reassuring, and illustrate some of the biggest concerns some prospective consumers may have with smart home devices. Especially when it comes to door locks.

However, we’d also like to stress that it’s important not to overreact to news like this, as incidents like this are rare. While Nest should be doing all it can to mitigate any potential problems, the company appears to have acted quickly and proactively. Any continuing issues, however, should raise plenty of red flags.

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Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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