Nest Unveils Smarter Cam With 4K ResolutionThe rumored 4K Nest Cam is now a reality. The Nest Cam IQ is a big hardware upgrade over Nest’s existing lineup and comes with a massive software upgrade to take advantage of that data.

The new home security camera comes equipped with a 4K HDR sensor, but only captures 1080p footage, just as rumors suggested. It uses that extra resolution to zoom in on motion, utilizing built-in software for better notifications.

The HDR sensor also supposedly works better in tricky lighting situation. HDR, which stands for high dynamic range, allows the camera to see deeper into shadows, even when bright light may be streaming into a room.

Nest Cam IQ sports improved IR lights for better night vision as well. The 940 nanometer wavelength the lights operate on is nearly invisible to the naked eye, so intruders won’t know they’re being recorded.

But the real power of the new device is the software. The IQ’s 6-core processor analyzes footage it captures for faces, and is even able to recognize familiar faces so you won’t get notified if family or friends come over. It also manages to spot the difference between pets, shadows and intruders, further improving results.

Those powerful analytics aren’t coming to older Nest Cams though — existing Nest Aware subscribers can add this camera to their setup, but the advanced notifications rely on the hardware chip of the Nest Cam IQ to work efficiently.

The Nest Cam IQ is available for preorder now for $299 (or $498 for two). It’s expected to ship at the end of June.