A new scam email making the rounds is targeting Netflix subscribers. The somewhat convincing email takes users to a bogus “Netflix” page designed to steal identity and credit card information.


The scamming email, spotted by Australian security company MailGuard, purports to be from Netflix, with the subject “Your suspension notification.” The message tells the user that their Netflix billing information has been invalidated, and asks them to update their details. An included “restart membership” link takes users to a website.


That website is, of course, fake — but some subscribers could be fooled. On the fake site, the scammers are asking people to type in their billing address and payment information. Upon entering the info, subscribers are told that their membership has been re-activated.


Users who do click the link — whether by accident or on purpose — will note that the website’s domain name is not actually from Netflix. It’s important to pay close attention to all elements of any emails that may seem unusual — especially emails that are asking for your personal information.

It’s unclear just how many actual Netflix subscribers have received the email at this point. It’s also possible that your email provider’s spam filter may prevent you from seeing this particular scam email.

Make Sure It’s Real

Users who are paying attention should be able to spot scam emails like this, even if they do happen to slip through a spam filter. (In this particular case, the scam email screwed up the name field — #name# was included in the email, instead of an actual name.) But not everyone is savvy enough to recognize these warning signs that many users may spot as obvious.

It’s important to remember to look at the actual email address of the sender. It’s also vital to make sure all links in any email come from a website with a domain name that makes sense.

(H/T Deadline)