Owl Launches Internet-Connected Car Security Camera

A newly introduced product aims to take the car dashcam to the next level, with an always-on internet connection and a live video stream of your car from anywhere with LTE service.

Owl has released its Owl Car Cam, which it bills as “the first security camera for your car.” The car camera is currently selling for $349, and the price includes one year of LTE service. This appears to be a special launch price — the normal retail price looks to be $299 with LTE service costing $10/month.

Cam Features

Owl Car Cam features two HD cameras, facing inside and outside the car. The camera is always on, and can store up to 24 hours of video. It can connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not using LTE — LTE isn’t actually necessary to use Owl Car Cam.

Voice capture and naming, a touchscreen, and anti-theft floodlights are also included in Owl Car Cam. It’s important to note that Owl is iOS only, so Android users are out of luck. iOS 11 or later is needed to run Owl Car Cam’s app. The camera is made to support cars made after 1996.

If users do get the LTE coverage, they’ll have access to live video from anywhere, which could be a huge perk for those concerned about the area where they parked, or what a valet driver might be doing. The LTE service also includes instant video alerts, and unlimited private cloud storage for saved/shared clips.

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Digging Deeper

Owl’s tech specs page offers further details about the security camera for those who may be interested in purchasing the Car Cam. Though the Car Cam is somewhat inconspicuous, there’s a bonus: Owl says if anyone breaks into your car and steals your Owl Car Cam, they’ll send you a replacement.

Owl Car Cam will ship later this month, according to the website. It’s an interesting option for someone who wants more than a typical dashcam, though we’d like to see more details on the security and encryption of the video captured by the camera — as of now, there’s not much information in that regard. If you’re looking for more options, read our review of the best home security cameras. 


Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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