Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Home Security Contract

Cancel Home Security ContractIf protecting your home is a major concern for you, then I probably don’t have to tell you how important it is to own a home security system. Still, many people undermine the necessity of home security and millions of contracts are cancelled each year due to the added expense of owning one. Should you risk canceling yours?

Why You Should Keep Your Contract

  1. In some situations, you may be required to pay a large fee if you decide to cancel your agreement before it expires. (The sum can even be as high as 90% of the total contract amount). Your provider will do whatever it takes to recover some of their investment on your system, and this can show in a substantial cancellation fee.
  2. Of course, one of the most important reasons for keeping your security system is to protect your home. When this safety feature is taken away, then you leave not only your home but also your family vulnerable to robberies. Do away with the alarms and home monitoring and you may have no idea a thief has entered your home until it’s too late.
  3. Do you feel like the service is too expensive to keep? Well, depending on what valuables are stolen from your home, you could lose thousands of dollars worth of items during a robbery. Considering that most security system installation and monitoring services costs only $20 – $30 a month, isn’t it worth the investment to keep your possessions safe?
  4. An activation fee is initially paid up front when your service is installed, and if you cancel your service and then decide later to reactive it, you might have to fork over yet another activation fee, which can cost anywhere from $300 to $900 or more.

Closely evaluate all of the factors listed above before you decide whether or not to cancel your home security service. You might discover that keeping it trumps the headaches and possible expense you risk without it.

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner is an attorney and journalist with a passion for home tech and secure, efficient living. Since graduating from NYU Law, he has maintained a paradoxical existence of trying to live life adventurously while remaining staunchly risk-averse. He is torn by the dual desires of wanting to only be in Brooklyn writing about housing policy and smart home tech and aspiring to visit his friends scattered across the globe. Gabe believes that stable, safe communities are the cornerstone to a vibrant and healthy society, and it is this passion that brought him to contribute to Security Baron.

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