Safety Games And Activities For Children

In dangerous situations, children are often particularly at risk. It’s the job of parents, teachers, and guardians to teach children how to be safe, as kids may not recognize dangerous situations on their own or how to properly respond to them. And there’s not one product you can buy that automatically makes your child safer, no matter how much you spent on it. Even technology like child-tracking smart watches can be hacked, as seen with the MiSafe smartwatch.

By teaching them the necessary safety skills, adults can potentially prevent illnesses, injuries, or other dangerous situations for their children. From activity books to outdoor games, from puzzles to the classic stop drop and roll, here are some activities and games you can do with children to teach them about safety.

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Physical Safety Games For Kids

Physical Safety Games For Kids
Physical Safety Games For Kids

With technology being as ubiquitous as it is, it can be nice to get kids on their feet and outside, especially if it educates them about safety.

Safety Activity Books For Kids

Safety Activity Books For Kids
Safety Activity Books For Kids

For those indoor kids, there are tons of activity books filled with helpful tips and pages to color. For a more straightforward lesson, I’ve also provided some fact sheets with essential information to keep a child safe.

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  • Home Safety With Rover: Kids who click this link will find an activity book that is filled with fun safety activities, games, and tips.
  • Home Safety Activities: Guardians and parents who view this page can encourage their kids to read and complete any of the three safety activities.
  • Water Safety Coloring and Activity Book: During the summer, parents, and teachers can print this coloring activity book to help kids learn about water safety in a fun way.
  • Who Can You Trust?: Help kids learn who to trust by visiting this page and printing the activity book.
  • Safety Scenarios: Teach kids about staying safe as they play by reading this document, which tells parents what to tell their kids and how to practice what they’ve been told.
  • Injury Prevention and Safety Activities for Kids and Families: Kids and families will find a fun safety activity booklet for kids and families here. The booklet provides information for adults and activities for children.
  • Window and Door Home Safety Workbook for Kids: Home safety is something that all parents should teach their kids, and this coloring and activity book can help make it fun and interesting for younger children.
  • Kitchen Check: This seven-page booklet includes tips and activities that teach children how to safely cook in the kitchen.
  • Water Safety: Kids Health provides readers with a booklet about safety when playing in or around water. It includes discussion questions, articles, activities, and more.
  • Find the Kitchen Poisons: Show kids a list of potential kitchen hazards by having them read this document about poisonous substances.
  • The Dog Listener: Be Safe Around Dogs: Educators will find useful advice in this 20-page booklet for teaching children how to stay safe in the presence of dogs.
  • When Playing Outside: Three important tips are provided here to help children stay safe.
  • Child Safety Coloring and Activity Book: Kids can learn about home safety with this coloring book hosted on the Michigan government website.
  • I Know How to Pool Safely: The Pool Safely website features a two-page document about child safety around pools. The first page is a coloring sheet, and the second page includes a pledge that kids can sign saying that they will stay safe in and around pools.

Online Safety Games For Kids

Online Safety Games For Kids
Online Safety Games For Kids

Monitoring your children’s Internet usage can be a huge undertaking, especially if you don’t have time to personally test out every app and website that they’re going to. Recently, a bug planted pornographic materials in 60 Android apps, including games geared towards children. The following games will help children stay safe not only online, but also in person.

  • Sparky’s Firehouse Game: Children who visit this page will have fun learning about fire safety when they click the play button to enter the Sparky’s Firehouse game.
  • Ask Smokey: When children and their parents visit this page, they can play a game about fire safety.
  • Great Safety Adventure Games: Kids who visit this page can learn about safety issues all around the house.
  • Check Your Steps Color Quiz: Children can visit this page to find a safety quiz that involves matching sentences to pictures and filling in the blanks.
  • Spot the Danger: The kitchen has many areas and items that can be dangerous. Find these hazards by playing this Spot the Danger game on this page of the British Red Cross website.
  • Disaster Master: Kids can learn how to stay safe during natural disasters when they play this game. The game has eight levels that must be completed in sequence.
  • Pills vs. Candy: This game tests children’s ability to tell the difference between candy and things that are dangerous for them to eat. It can be surprisingly hard to tell them apart, even for the adults in the room!

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Safety Board Games And Puzzles For Kids

Safety Board Games And Puzzles For Kids
Safety Board Games And Puzzles For Kids

Finally, these board games and puzzles are perfect for a child who enjoys that sort of thing but could know a little bit more about safety.

  • Keep Away: Parents can click this page for a fun memory game that instructs kids to match safe activities and avoid activities that can start a fire.
  • Jett’s Crossword Puzzle: The U.S. Fire Administration for Kids offers this crossword puzzle about fire safety in the home.
  • Safety Puzzle: Kids can visit this page for a traffic safety jigsaw puzzle that can be printed and assembled.
  • An A-Maze-ing Escape: Get help teaching kids about what they should do when there’s a natural gas or propane leak in the home by printing this document that features a maze and multiple-choice questions.


No matter how you teach your chid about safety, make sure you do it before they’re out of your sight. Of course, you don’t want to make them live in fear, but gently alerting them of the dangers of the world is going to benefit them in the long run, and if they’re having fun, they’ll only be more engaged.

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

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