Security Doorbell Stolen, Showing That Thieves Are Really Awful

Many criminals are deterred by a security camera staring them in the face. It’s why we recommend them as an easy start to your DIY home security system. But sometimes, those expensive deterrents can become the target for a burglary.

That’s what happened to this Las Vegas business owner, who had his Ring video doorbell stolen from his business while he was on vacation. But the Ring captured everything, and a secondary camera setup may have caught the license plates of the robbers too.

The thieves ripped the video-recording doorbell from the side of the business in broad daylight. It’s unclear if they knew they were being recorded, but Ring’s doorbells make it quite obvious that you’re being recorded.

Perhaps the criminals didn’t know that each frame was being sent to the cloud in real time, but now police have evidence if they are able to track down these criminals.

However, this episode is a good reminder that sometime anti-theft equipment can become the target of thieves. If you have a host of cameras mounted to monitor your home, making sure they’re hard to tamper with will make them much better at keeping criminals away.

Luckily for this business owner, Ring will likely replace his stolen doorbell. The company’s FAQ suggests contacting them with a police report on hand to get a replacement. And the thieves likely won’t be able to resell the $200 camera without the security screws and mounting plate that were left behind