SimpliSafe Unveils Redesigned Security System

SimpliSafe has unveiled the newest redesign of its home security system, complete with more powerful features and a more refined look.


SimpliSafe teamed up with design firm IDEO on its redesigned system, and it shows, as the components of the system look sleeker and more modern than they have in the past. The base station’s LED light ring is a prime example, as it both updates the station’s look and provides functionality in showing users the system status. A backup battery can also be found in the base station to provide 24-hour power in case of an outage.

The company says the system was designed to “smaller, faster, and stronger.” SimpliSafe sensors are now half the size, with double the range. The system’s new keypad is completely wireless — SimpliSafe recommends placing it near the front door — and wakes with a touch. Its display is bigger and brighter with illuminated keys, and like the sensors, the keypad also has found its range doubled.

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More Details

Other features include: twin cellular and Wi-Fi connections working in tandem to ensure that a home is monitored even if the phone line is disabled or Wi-Fi is down, overall increased processing speeds, SmashSafe tech (which contacts police even if intruders destroy the base station, siren or keypad), over-the-air software updates, and more precise glassbreak and motion sensors.

The base station and keypad come in black or white, and SimpliSafe has announced that there will be no price increase — all kits will remain priced between $229 and $539.

More To Come

SimpliSafe also announced that more products will be arriving in 2018. The company plans on releasing a 1080p HD video doorbell, HD outdoor cameras, and a smart lock — all to integrate into the SimpliSafe system. Amazon Alexa voice integration is expected as well. No firm release date has been published for any of these new components outside of “this year.”

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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