Six Plug-Ins For Added Firefox Security

While web browsers come with a variety of security features built in, there are ways to improve your cyber safety even further.

You may have already added security features to Chrome and Safari. But if Firefox is included in your go-to list of browsers, you should consider taking specific care to bolster your security precautions. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated and most popular plug-ins (also known as extensions) to help increase security of your Firefox experience.

AdBlock For Firefox

AdBlock for Firefox is the most downloaded plug-in for other browsers Chrome and Safari, and is now also available for Firefox. The extension blocks ads, and in most cases, doesn’t download them to begin with — that can decrease load time for sites as you surf the web. The app has a “Whitelist” feature, which allows you to choose ads you prefer not be blocked. With Adblock running, you can skip advertisements even on videos from sites like YouTube and Hulu.

The cost is also easy on your wallet: you have the option to pay what you want to support the company’s operations. According to its website, Adblock has approximately 40 million users across browsers.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a free blocker extension that aims to block ads and tracking without taking up a large amount of memory. The open-source app operates through the use of filters, a handful of which are automatically enabled to block malware, ads and tracking. You can choose to use even more filters, but uBlock, which is highly concerned with keeping a low memory footprint, notes this will increase memory demands. Overall, the extension aims to increase the speed and efficiency of your internet experience.

Web Of Trust

Also recommended in our Chrome plug-in guide, Web Of Trust is a plug-in that helps protect you from dangerous websites and phishing attempts. It uses a color-coded safety guide to secure your browsing experience. Each site you visit receives an icon from the plug-in: red indicates danger, yellow a need for precaution, and green safety. There is also an available pop-up feature that allows you to receive an alert upon arrival at a dangerous website site.

The extension additionally lets you see a scorecard and ratings from other users for each website you visit.

Browsec VPN

Browsec VPN is a plug-in that can be used for increased web privacy, and also operates on iOS and Android. The extension can encrypt traffic, and mask your geolocation to let you access blocked sites. (For example, Facebook at work).

With Browsec, you can browse anonymously and keep your data safe while surfing the web. According to the app, it also allows greater access to sites like Netflix, Spotify and Pandora, which are only typically available from certain countries.


As the name suggests, PrivateTab allows you the addition of private tab-use in FireFox. With the plug-in enabled, you have the option to open a “Private Tab” underneath the typical option of “Private Window “in the FireFox “File” dropdown menu. While browsing in the Private Tab, activity is not saved in history.

In a nutshell, PrivateTab allows private browsing in a more organized fashion. No longer do you need to have five windows open if you’re trying to browse sites you’d prefer to hide from others — whether it be coworkers you’d like to keep separate from your private life, or a significant other with an upcoming birthday you’d like to online shop for in secret.

Click & Clean

The Click&Clean extension allows you to maintain browser privacy by easily wiping activity from record. With just one click, the plug-in can erase browser and download history, stop cookies and empty your cache. It can also securely clear temporary files, and close currently running windows and tabs. It’s a great option for those who may need a quick one-button option to remove record of what’s been going on in their web-surfing world.

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