Six Plug-Ins For Added Gmail Security

With today’s expanding threat of cyberattacks, you may be seeking ways to strengthen your data security. One common area of vulnerability is information connected to your Gmail account.

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Google recently announced its Advanced Protection Program, which is designed to protect the accounts of high-risk users. Even without using the program, there are plenty of ways to secure your Gmail using already available tools.

If you’ve already performed steps like enabling two-step verification, creating a complex and unique password, and habitually checking your account for suspicious activity, there are even more ways to strengthen your account security through the use of third-party plug-ins. These applications work with Gmail to further protect your online information, either through encryption or other safety measures. Here are six plug-ins currently available to help bolster your Gmail security.

Secure Mail For Gmail By Streak

Secure Mail for Gmail by Streak makes sure the contents of an email stay hidden to all but the intended recipient. The open source plug-in encrypts and decrypts emails, so Google (or any other companies or government agencies) cannot read them. You create a password for the email, and your recipient must have the same password to open it.


Similarly to Secure Mail, Virtru makes sure even Google can’t see the contents of your Gmail message. As opposed to transport level security encryption, which doesn’t encrypt the actual message at rest, Virtu provides client-side encryption, which blocks data even from email providers. Virtu also allows you to control who has access to emails and files from within Gmail, lets you revoke access to emails, send watermarked encrypted attachments, set email expiration dates, see when messages have been read by recipients, and control how your sent information can be shared.


Gmelius can be used to increase your Gmail security with its email tracking detection and blocking features. Companies can track emails they send you, to see information about when, where, and how many times those emails are accessed. Data is traditionally collected for marketing and sales use. Gmelius uses an algorithm that detects when emails you receive are being tracked, and it blocks your information from being sent to the tracker.


Snapchat, meet email. Snapmail allows you to send self-destructing encrypted emails through your Gmail browser. After installation, you’ll have an available “Snapmail” button option in addition to “Send.” If you choose Snapmail, your message will be sent to the recipient, showing up as a Gmail with a link to your content. The recipient can click the link and view the contents for 60 seconds before it disappears. This can be a particularly useful tool for sending sensitive information that you may not want lingering in a Gmail inbox or folder.


FlowCrypt is a tool that allows users to send and compose emails within Gmail with PGP end-to-end encryption. The plug-in is designed to be user-friendly, so even those without any encryption experience can easily protect their Gmail content. It adds an easy-to-use Secure compose button to the platform, and saves encrypted drafts for convenience. FlowCrypt also features the ability to send encrypted attachments through your Gmail account.


Mailvelope is another security option that allows end-to-end encryption. It seamlessly integrates into your Gmail (or GMX, Outlook, Posteo, WEB.DE, or Yahoo!) interface, and follows the OpenPGP Encryption standard.

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