Six Plug-Ins For Added WordPress Security

When it comes to cyberattacks, email and social media accounts aren’t the only entities requiring protection. Hackers also target websites, often in an effort to either host content at that location or collect valuable data. If the website in question sells merchandise or has user logins, stolen content can include visitors’ financial information, addresses, and other sensitive details.

WordPress has emerged as a reputable, secure, and particularly popular Content Management System (CMS) — and thus, is sensitive to hacking. The platform’s security team regularly works to monitor and remedy potential areas of weakness, but there are also many third party plug-ins designed to bolster the security of WordPress sites. We’ve gathered information about six popular plug-ins you can use to strengthen your WordPress security.


Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security is a popular all-encompassing security option. With more than 90,000 active downloads, the plug-in offers an easy one-click setup wizard, which should appeal to those new to the process. Other features include a malware scanner, hidden plug-in folders, and login security and monitoring.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security has been installed more than 800,000 times to help strengthen WordPress security. The plug-in addresses common security holes, protects against bot attacks, and bolsters user credentials. The Pro version also supports two-factor authentication and malware scan scheduling.


Jetpack is a plug-in that offers security assistance as well as SEO, traffic, and content creation support. Security features include brute force attack protection, downtime and uptime monitoring, and two-factor authentication for log-ins. With an upgrade to the paid version, users can also get malware scanning, site backups, and more.

The plug-in is an ideal option for WordPress users whose website can also benefit from SEO and content creation support. Jetpack tools include providing traffic statistic and analytics, and automatic sharing capability to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For content creation, it offers high-speed CDN for images, slideshow and gallery options, and simple embedding for files from popular sites like YouTube and Spotify.


Security Ninja

Security Ninja allows users to test their sites for potential security weak points, allowing them to proactively prevent attacks. In one click, it can administer over fifty tests to determine any vulnerabilities in areas like password strength, file permissions and version hiding. It currently has more than 7,000 active installations.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a free plug-in which boasts more than 300,000 active installations. It utilizes a variety of tactics to increase your website’s overall security, including remote malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, post-hack security actions, and blacklist monitoring.


WordFence is a highly popular WordPress plug-in with more than 2 million active installations and more than 2,900 five-star ratings. Free and comprehensive, WordFence provides firewall protections against brute force and complex attacks, and also offers insight into hacking attempts. A Security Scan feature quickly alerts users to security issues.


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