Six Ways To Strengthen Your Facebook Security

With the onslaught of recent high-profile hacks, internet users are looking for ways to bolster their email security. But recent events have also steered the cultural conversation to examine the role social media sites like Facebook and Twitter play in our society.

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One area of concern is the way social media accounts can be vulnerable to unauthorized access. Another is the way that Facebook can gather and sell data about your location and websites you visit, to target advertising based on your perceived interests.

If you’re interested in protecting your Facebook account from hacking or data collection, we’ve gathered six ways to increase your Facebook cybersecurity.

Create A Strong Password

As with most security protocols, it’s vital to start with the basics. A strong password is your first step to protecting your Facebook account. You should also make sure to use different passwords for your various internet accounts. (Use a password manager like LastPass to make it easier.)

Monitor Active Sessions

You can check for any suspicious access to your account by keeping tabs on all the locations from where you are logged in.

In your account, open Settings, and enter the Security and Login tab. From there, you’ll see a section called Where You’re Logged In, which shows all currently logged-in devices and locations.

To revoke any unsanctioned access, you can remotely log out of all sessions.

Disable Location Services

Facebook has the ability to track your location through your cell phone, which allows users to do things like virtual check-ins. But location services can also be used to tailor targeted ads based on your gleaned interests and preferences.

To limit this type of access from an iPhone, head to Settings, Privacy, Location Services. Scroll down to find Facebook in your list of apps, and move settings to Never.

Revoke Access From Third-Party Apps

Apps you are logged in to through Facebook have the ability to obtain information about you from your account. To increase your security, you can revoke access from any unneeded or unwanted third-party applications.

On Facebook, head to Settings and App Settings. Click Show All to see your list of apps with access. You can then click X on an icon to remove that program’s access.

Adjust Ad Preferences

Facebook can also target ads to you based on information gathered about websites you visit. To prevent this tracking, you have to adjust your app settings.

Go to Settings and then Ads. In Ad Preferences, change the Ads based on your use of websites and apps to No.  

Enable Login Protocols

To make sure nobody is gaining unapproved access to your account, you can set up a protocol that alerts you when anyone logs in to your account.

You can also enable two-step verification, which will require you enter a passcode sent to your phone as part of the login process.

To enable these extra steps, head to Settings and Security and Login. Make any necessary adjustments in the Setting up Extra Security box.

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