Using IFTTT With Belkin’s WeMo Devices, Part 2

Earlier this week we looked at Using IFTTT with Belkin’s WeMo devices, a family of home automation accessories that was practically designed with IFTTT in mind.

As we noted in part one, WeMo’s switches are some of the very few IFTTT-compatible solutions that can not only be controlled by IFTTT applets, but can actually be used to kick off other IFTTT applets, allowing you to perform other actions when you turn on a light switch, for example.

Although thus far we’ve focused on Belkin’s WeMo switches, smart plugs, and motion sensors, Belkin actually offers a variety of other devices in its WeMo system, including light bulbs, humidifiers and air purifiers, and even a coffee maker and a slow cooker.

Lock Your Doors While Relaxing In Bed

Belkin’s WeMo light bulbs can be used to trigger an IFTTT action not only when they’re turned on or off, but when they’re dimmed to a specific level. So you could, for example, make sure your front door is locked whenever you dim your bedroom table lamps to relax for the evening.

Oddly, Belkin’s WeMo dimmer doesn’t provide this kind of an IFTTT trigger; it’s only available on the WeMo light bulbs.

Control Your WeMo Air Purifiers Together

If air quality is a problem in your home, having multiple air purifiers spread around is probably not a bad idea, and if they’re WeMo air purifiers, you can actually use IFTTT to link them up so that when you adjust one, the others will be adjusted at the same time.

To do this properly, of course, you’ll need to create several applets — one for each setting and air purifier that you want to link up — but once you’ve done that legwork, you can set every air purifier in your house to the same setting by adjusting any one of them.

Turn On The Air Conditioner When The Humidity Gets High

Belkin’s WeMo Humidifier not only humidifies, but also reports humidity levels, so it can also be a useful way to turn on an air conditioner or dehumidifier when the humidity levels get too high.

The IFTTT service for the WeMo Humidifier provides triggers for when the fan mode changes. It also tracks filter life and water level.

Set Up Dinner Lighting When Your Crock Pot Finishes

While some may consider an internet-connected crock pot to be of dubious value on its own, with IFTTT you can automate actions when cooking modes change or when your timer finishes, such as preparing your lighting for dinner.

Alternatively, instead of using the Cook timer finished trigger, you can also do things with Cooking mode changed, particularly with kicking off applets when your crock pot enters “keep warm” mode.

Turn On The Kitchen Light If The Coffee Maker Isn’t Ready Before Bedtime

Ina addition to the expected triggers for water filter and cleaning notifications, WeMo’s Mr. Coffee IFTTT service offers a particularly handy trigger that will fire off if your coffeemaker isn’t ready to brew, so you can be reminded to check it before you go to bed, lest you miss that all-important first cup of coffee in the morning.

While you could just send yourself a notification with IFTTT, sometimes all you really need is a light turned on — in this case, turning on the light in your kitchen can serve both as a reminder to check it before you go to bed, and ensure that the light is already on so you can see the coffeemaker.

Bonus: Get Creative With WeMo Maker

For the DIY tinkerer, Belkin offers one particularly interesting WeMo accessory that’s IFTTT compatible: The WeMo Maker. This isn’t a specific accessory, but rather an open-ended sensor and switch package that can be used to control low-voltage electronic devices and monitor a variety of sensors.

Belkin provides a plethora of IFTTT triggers for just about everything that the WeMo Maker can do, so if you’re the inventive sort, this can let you automate a lot of things in your house that aren’t otherwise IFTTT compatible, opening up a whole world of additional possibilities which we’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.

Jesse Hollington

Jesse Hollington

Jesse Hollington is based in Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his daughter, Victoria. He is the author of iPod & iTunes Portable Genius, and works as a senior editor for Prior to becoming a writer, Jesse ran his own information technology consulting practice and served as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve.

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