Vivint Debuts Streety App For Shared Neighborhood Monitoring

Vivint has introduced a new app which aims to leverage multiple outdoor security cameras into a sort of neighborhood watch monitoring system.

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Streety is an upcoming app from Vivint Smart Home which helps create a network of shared residential cameras. The free app will be available this spring to anyone in the U.S. and Canada.

Streety allows Vivint users to choose a camera for sharing, such as an outdoor camera or a doorbell camera. Vivint cameras can offer live video streams, but it’s also noted that “neighbors with non-Vivint cameras can upload and share video clips with their trusted Streety network.”

Potential Uses

There a number of potential uses for a Streety network, first of which is a live feed of multiple outdoor cameras in a neighborhood. A number of live camera feeds can be used to monitor children as they visit different sections of a neighborhood, for instance.

The app also allows neighbors to post messages and share video footage. As an example, one neighbor may report exterior damage in the street, or a package theft at their home. They can then request video footage from another neighbor, which may shed some more light on what happened. Once the camera owner approves the request, “Streety automatically generates the recorded video clip that they can share with each other and with the police.”

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Vivint also points out that “Streety limits neighborhood boundaries to a 300-yard radius and uses third-party verification services to match identities and addresses for new users.” While this is a good way of making sure a Streety network stays restricted to a neighborhood, 300 yards isn’t huge. It’s safe to say Streety will be more effective in a neighborhood with more condensed housing.

There’s also the question of whether many home security camera users would even want to share their own outdoor footage with neighbors — not to mention what it might be like to deal with a worried neighbor who may always be requesting video clips for seemingly innocuous incidents.

It’s a decent idea though, especially if you’re friendly with your neighbors. It also seems that a Streety network will be most useful if more neighbors in the network are using Vivint cameras.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

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