Ways to Reduce Repeat Robberies

Home Robbery RiskIf you’ve ever been the victim of a home robbery, then you already know how difficult it is to return to some sense of normalcy following a break-in. When a stranger invades your personal space it can leave you feeling violated, exposed, and on edge. One of the most important ways to recover and move forward is to reduce the risk of it happening again. Here are some ways you can lessen your chances of suffering through a second home invasion:

  1. Do you know exactly how many spare keys there are to your home? Probably more than you realize. Change your locks and consider an upgrade by purchasing locking systems that use keys that are impossible to copy. Some newer systems on the market contain patented keys that can only be duplicated with an owner signature match.
  2. If you don’t have a home security system, contact some local security companies for a quote. Although it might seem pricey at first, if you consider the amount of money you would be losing if a thief stole your most expensive possessions, it will make the upfront costs seem much more feasible. And most monitoring services cost only $20-$30 a month. By going over your budget with a fine toothcomb, you can probably find somewhere to cut back on your expenses, such as dining out, in order to make the monthly payment.
  3. Motion detector lights are a wonderful theft deterrent. Some of the best places to mount these lights are each corner of your home and near each doorway.

Your house doesn’t have to be secured like the Pentagon in order to give you a greater sense of security. All it takes is a few simple changes, like the ones described above, to help you feel more in control and in charge of your safety.



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