Zebra Head Burglar Caught On Camera, Arrested

An Alaskan burglar who stole a mounted zebra head — among other items — was arrested after footage from a home security camera was shown on the local TV news.

Erin McKay via KTVA

Stacy Scott of Anchorage, Alaska lost “thousands of dollars in clothing and jewelry” during a recent robbery, but her pilfered zebra head was returned. The story ran on Anchorage’s KTVA — and the suspect’s getaway cab driver saw the news story and “called police because he had the zebra in his trunk.”

Scott named her zebra head mount “George” and was happy to see him returned back to her home. “I thought he’d be a great addition to my home — just something fun and whimsical. I was about to dress him up for Christmas actually,” Scott told KTVA.

The home security camera footage clearly shows a suspect strolling straight out the front door of Scott’s home with George the Zebra in arm. Police used the footage to find and arrest 38-year-old Desiree Fuller. Fuller was found in a hotel room with more of Scott’s stolen items, which were recovered and taken in as evidence.

Cameras Coming Through

KTVA’s story claims Scott “purchased a security system called ‘The Ring’ at Costco and installed it a few years ago” — the article is certainly referring to one of the security cameras offered by Ring.

While burglars aren’t always willing to take something as large and obviously conspicuous as a mounted zebra head, home security cameras can make it easier for law enforcement to properly identify suspects. Check out our security system comparisons and reviews, and look for more home security camera reviews in the future.

If you’re interested in checking out lighter home security footage, check out this footage of a kid trying to outsmart a home security camera, or our list of Nine Pets Making Mischief At Home. Just don’t expect any zebras. Sorry.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy is Editor of Security Baron. An award-winning journalist, Dzikiy was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.com, and his writing has appeared on TheWirecutter.com, among other outlets. He lives in New York City.

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