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Crowd-funded campaigns can really go either way, but for Chipolo, it was the start of something huge. From a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Chipolo is now available in more than 200 countries, and it all started when six friends kept losing their keys. That’s the best result of losing your keys that I could possibly think of.

Today I’m looking at the Chipolo CLASSIC— its design, features, and mobile app. I’ll help you decide if the Chipolo CLASSIC is the right Bluetooth tracker for you, based on your personal preferences. Let’s get it started!

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Chipolo Classic
Chipolo Classic
Chipolo Classic

The Chipolo Classic has a range of 200-feet and a 92-decibel siren, meeting industry standards. 

Design of the Chipolo CLASSIC


The Chipolo CLASSIC is small enough to put on your key ring at 35 by five mm. It weighs bout 4.5 grams, but don’t let its small size fool you— this thing has a 92-decibel siren, making it a bit louder than a lawn-mower. The Chipolo CLASSIC is available in yellow, red, blue, white, green or black and comes with a replaceable CR2025 battery which has a life of about nine months. You’ll be able to track the CLASSIC within a range of 200 feet of your phone, which is on the high-end as far as Bluetooth trackers’ ranges go.

The only thing that disappoints me slightly about the Chipolo CLASSIC its that it’s not water-resistant. My concern is that if you lose it in the rain, the tracker will stop functioning normally and you won’t be able to find your lost item. Basically, if you’re from Seattle, I would steer clear of the Chipolo CLASSIC.

Features of the Chipolo CLASSIC

Chipolo CLASSIC and Box

The Chipolo CLASSIC’s primary function is to help you find your stuff, but what if it’s out of the 200-foot range? Chipolo has an answer for that, plus some other cool features.

Community Search


Every single Chipolo app that’s downloaded doesn’t just serve to help that specific user find their own lost items— they’re also automatically tuned to help other people find their missing items. If you lose an item and it’s out of range, just mark it as lost in the Chipolo app. Then, wait until someone with a Chipolo app stumbles into your tracker’s range. You’ll immediately be notified that your item has been located, while the person who helped you will remain completely unaware of the entire situation. Everything’s totally anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing your location or information. It’s just a simple way to extend your network to the entire Chipolo community.

Marking Chipolo CLASSIC as Lost in Chipolo App

While Chipolo certainly is a popular Bluetooth tracker, it’s not one of the top two, so keep in mind that the Chipolo network will be smaller than that of competing companies like Tile or Cube.

Smart Platform Integrations

If you already have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you’re in luck. The Chipolo CLASSIC integrates with both smart home platforms, so you can use them to find your lost items. Asking Alexa where you put your wallet is much easier than tearing your whole house apart looking for it!

Shutter Button

Chipolo CLASSIC Selfie on App

Is your arm tired from taking too many selfies? The Chipolo CLASSIC doubles as a shutter button, so you can focus on getting your best angle rather than awkwardly holding your phone. Sure, it has nothing to do with finding lost items, but I’m loving this millennial-friendly feature.

Installing the Chipolo CLASSIC

Gabe and the Chipolo CLASSIC

You shouldn’t have any issues setting up your Chipolo CLASSIC. After downloading the Chipolo app and setting up your account, just click the plus-sign in the upper right-hand corner of the app. From there, you’ll click on Chipolo CLASSIC from the dropdown menu, and then push on the Chipolo CLASSIC itself. It’ll play a tune so you know it’s working. Then, place your Chipolo CLASSIC next to your mobile device and the two will sync. Finally, just name your Chipolo CLASSIC something like “keys” or “wallet” and you’re good to go! The whole process took about a minute. 

The Chipolo App

The Chipolo App

From the Chipolo app, you’ll be able to find your tracker, help others find theirs, see your tracker’s last known location, and ring your phone, even if its on silent. This is also where you’ll turn on the shutter button feature.

The Chipolo app has great reviews, a 4.4 from the Apple store and a four star rating from the Google Play store. The most common complaints I saw were the app eating up devices’ batteries, as the tracker requires a Bluetooth connection. A solution would be to only turn on Bluetooth if the tracker is lost.

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Chipolo Classic
Chipolo Classic
Chipolo Classic

The Chipolo Classic has a range of 200-feet and a 92-decibel siren, meeting industry standards. 

Recap of the Chipolo CLASSIC

At $30, the Chipolo CLASSIC is reasonably priced and is definitely worth the investment overall. I love that it comes with a one-year warranty plus a 30-day money back guarantee— there’s really no risk when it comes to buying the Chipolo CLASSIC.

Still unsure? Let’s break it down.

You should buy the Chipolo CLASSIC if you’d like…

  • 92-decibel siren: this will come in handy if you lose the tracker within a short range.
  • Replaceable battery: you won’t have to buy a completely new tracker when the battery runs out.
  • 200-foot range: on the higher-end of ranges for Bluetooth trackers.
  • Integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa: find your tracker using vocal commands.
  • Shutter button: your selfie game just got ten times better.
  • Great app: both iPhone and Android users liked the Chipolo app generally.
  • Easy setup: I had absolutely no issues, setting up my Chipolo CLASSIC in about a minute.

However, steer clear if any of the following are deal-breakers…

  • Not water-resistant: if it gets wet, the Chipolo CLASSIC might not function normally.
  • Smaller community network: Chipolo is not one of the top two leading Bluetooth tracker companies, making their network smaller.

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Gabe Turner

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      Yes, it can find the item if you’re within 200 feet. If you’re further away, you’ll have to wait until someone else with a Chipolo app steps into a range (given it’s marked as “lost” in the Chipolo app). Hope that helps!

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